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Serious Window Reviews

Read Serious window reviews to learn about this high end fiberglass window manufacturer. In 2012, Serious was bought by Alpen High Performance Products. Alpen now sells the three series, the 525, 725 and 925 under their own brand. Learn more about Serious window prices.

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Serious 725 vs 925 Model

I'm looking at either the Serious 725 or 925 window for my home - unfortunately, we have no local dealers in Arizona and I'm confused on the correct VT numbers to get for the climate and amount of sun we get. I'm curious what people think of these windows and how they stack up to comparable options?

Rick - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Serious certainly offers a very nice window that has excellent energy efficiency, but whether it's worth the stiff replacement window costs that they charge is another question entirely. You can acheive the same numbers with a top end vinyl window like the Okna 800 or Sunrise Restorations for much less money.

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