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Egress Windows Cost

Our egress window price estimator can help you find industry average pricing for your next basement window project. Egress windows cost will range from $1,650 - $5,800 for the completed project, this includes all of the exterior groundwork, the window well or exterior landscaping, the rough framing and cutting of the window opening in the basement wall, the cost of the window and the actual window installation. Most egress window projects are fairly complex and are therefore not typically considered a do-it-yourself project.

-- Project Cost: $1,650 - $5,800 fully installed --

Exterior Excavation

In order for an egress window to pass building code, there must be sufficient room for a normal sized adult to get in and out of the basement through the window. Specifically, it must have a net clear opening of 5.7 square feet of space. In order for the window(s) to open up (especially if you are using a casement), there must be a large enough exterior space. This typically means renting a small backhoe or other excavating equipment in order to clear out the space and allow for sufficient room required by building code. A fair price range for this part of the project ranges from $300 to $800.

-- Price Range: $300 - $800 --

Window Well

Economy or midrange projects may typically use an exterior window well to secure the outside area and allow it to pass building code. Window wells are typically premade plastic structures that fit on the outside of the window and allow an individual enough space to safely exit through the basement. They need to have stairs or wrungs that allow an individual to climb out and a top that protects from rain, snow and moisture, but one that can be opened easily to allow an individual to get out in case of an emergency. Window wells can be very simple in their construction or they can be quite complex and provide areas to landscape with rocks and flower beds.

-- Price Range: $200 - $800 --

Alternatives To Window Wells

More expensive projects may forgo using a premade window well, and opt instead for laying down a concrete base and / or tiered steps or a tiered wood exit that can be landscaped with flowers etc and usually contains a drainage system. The decision to use a window well or concrete or tiered approach may depend on how the basement and the window or situated in relationship to the outside area, i.e. how deep the basement window will be relationship to ground level.

-- Price Range: $500 - $2000 --

Cutting And Framing

One of the most difficult steps in the process is to cut the hole in the wall of the basement. This is where an experienced contractor is required. Improperly cutting into a basement wall and hitting a water line or an electrical line can be very expensive and messy to fix. Most contractors will have to pull the plans of the home to make sure that they are not in danger of running into one or more of these problems. Once the hole for the window opening is cut into the wall, the space must be properly framed out to provide the necessary structural support in the wall. This portion of the egress window project can run anywhere from $400 to $1000.

-- Price Range: $400 - $1000 --

Cost Of The Window

The cost of the window (or windows) will depend on the style of the window, the size of the window or windows, as well as the material and the glass package used. The most common type of window is a casement due to the way that it opens and the size requirements for the building code. Single hung and double hung windows can also be used. Larger projects may used a middle fix frame window, with two casements on either side that each open out and allow emergency exit.

-- Price Range: $200 - $800 --

Cost Of Window Installation

Once all of the framing has been done and the window has been purchased, the actual installation should be relatively easy. The window is placed in the opening with shims underneath and on the sides and the window is secured in place using a nailing flange. A drip pan may be placed on the bottom sill as a further moisture preventative. The window then will be properly caulked and sealed inside and out and any finish work or trim work on the outside or and/or on the inside will then be done. Consumers can expect this process to cost between $50 and $400.

-- Price Range: $50 - $400 --

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