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High Window Price Quote

Hi Tommy, I got an estimate of roughly $23,000 for 27 window including retrofit installation. Window sizes and types are
2 30x30 pw
2 27x47 pw
2 26x70 sh
1 70x47 pw
2 46x70 xo
2 46x47 pw
3 70x58 xo
2 26x58 pw
4 58x58 xo
4 28x58 pw
1 34x58 pw
1 28x35 sh
1 46x69 sh

They said their windows were Anlin Del Mar. Do you think the price is reasonable? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

Jennifer - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Jennifer, it does sound a bit high to me, but not unusually high. I really think you need a few more bids to determine if it is indeed high. I would suggest finding a Milgard dealer, an Amerimax dealer, and perhaps a Simonton dealer who could quote you on the Simonton Impressions Series.

I would tell the Milgard and Amerimax dealers that you have a bid on the Anlin Del Mar and ask them to bid your project for their comparable window. Don't tell them the price bid you have though. Make it clear that you were uncomfortable with how high the bid is, and that you want their best quote and that you will be making your decision in the next week or so.

Hopefully, you will get some lower bids than this. If you still like the Anlin window and installer, you can then take your lowest bid back to him and tell him that you are ready to go with him if he can match the lowest bid you have. I think this approach is how you find his true price floor.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

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