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American Exteriors Window Reviews

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Issues with Installation and Warranty

I had high hopes for these windows, but when they were being installed one of the frames got broken and the installer didn't bother to fix it. The measurements were off, so our end price was more expensive than the estimate as a result. Even worse, the warranty isn't being honored so they won't take care of the broken glass. I might as well not have windows since they let in so much wind and are so noisy. I'd look for another company, heard good things about Milgard windows and Simonton - but not these guys.

Danny - Past Customer- 2010

Shady Sales Methods

You might find top window options, but I'll never find out. The sales guy was horrible. He sent someone else to measure our windows for an estimate, but the guy didn't get to all of the windows. Then, he had us sign a credit check, saying that it would be easier for us to finance later if we did. Not sure we believe him now, because later we found out an account had been opened for us for buying windows. The limit was huge and we had no idea that he was going to do that. So, we tried to close it but have been getting harassed with phone calls and letters. They've threatened to sue us, even. We never saw anyone else for window measurements, never got our estimate and didn't get a chance to pick our windows. Nothing. It's just sleazy how this has turned out, and I can't imagine how they think they can get money out of us now with the way things have worked out. Ended up going with Champion windows, good prices and excellent customer service.

William - Past Customer - 2011

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Ask them for a Discount

Anyone can get a discount if they just ask. Dealers will give you a higher cost estimate than what you can ultimate get. Wait a little before you sign anything and it will make it easier to get a good deal. Don't let them pressure you into signing before you get the deal that fits your budget.

David - Past Customer - 2012

Waiting Five Months For Windows

We've waited since May to get out new windows installed, but everything is just a mess. First we had to wait on back order, then the order got all mixed up and then we were back to waiting. They finally arrived in September, but the wait wasn't really worth it. They took 4 days to come install them, the custom grids were incorrect again, and then we wind up waiting again. Customer service is horrible. They have been really rude and having helped at all. They don't really seem to care, and we haven't even been offered any discounts for the trouble. So, we're still waiting a ridiculous amount of time for 7 windows with no discount or apology!

Brandon - Past Customer - 2012

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