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Explore Peachtree windows prices and costs on their vinyl windows. Back in 2008, the Shields family purchased the assets of Peach Tree Doors And Windows, meaning that the company name and entity was effectively dissolved. The company then began manufacturing under the name Weathershield Windows, which is in business as of 20015. The company also owns Crestline Windows, also currently in operation.

Unfortunately for consumers, the Peach Tree windows warranty is no longer valid because the company as a business entity no longer exists. This is a somewhat common occurence (or at least was through the recesion years from 2008 to 2011), but is one that is unfortunate for homeowners who paid good money for a warranty that is now null and void.

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Peach Tree Windows Cost

14 Premium Vinyl Windows
Dimensions: 10 SHs (36"w x 60"h), 3 SHs (48"w x 60"h), 1 Slider (42"w x 48"h)
Cost: $7000
Location: Utah
Project bid from 2007.

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