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Weathershield Window Reviews

Browse our Weathershield window reviews from homeowners who know these windows, the company and a general price range for their products.

Tom - HWRC Editor - Last Updated: January 12, 2024

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Homeowner Warning

We replaced all our windows with Weathershield Wooden Clad windows. They weren't cheap and had to manage the harsh Northeast weather. I was impressed when they were installed, they were visually appealing and opened and closed with ease. Ten years later we have to now replace all the windows again because they have rotted so badly. The frames and sills are completely rotten and two contractors have advised this has been going on for some time, but only reared its ugly head now. I would not recommend these windows to anyone, they are not the best quality and if you're looking for windows that last, this is not the choice for you.

Jennifer - Homeowner - from 2010

Happy Customer

I added twenty custom windows to my property using the Weathershield aluminum clad option and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. They are durable and well made. At the same time I added some laminated noise control windows which also worked well. I did notice some of the windows didn't have enough foam behind the sashes, so they didn't seal as well as I would have hoped, but this was quickly rectified by the manufacturer. There is only one problem which I have noticed, Weathershield use the same seal strips as Andersen, which are textile strips. These textile strips are mostly used on commercial buildings and not homes, a rubber option would have been preferred. Marvin offers the rubber strips but then you can expect to pay so much more, while the Weather Shields do their job well and keep the window air tight.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2010

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Great Window Choice

I recently had the frustrating experience of researching replacement windows for our home. I met with salesmen and researched a number of windows including Pella, Andersen, Marvin and Weathershield. I didn't like the look of Pella, I really didn't like the Andersen windows and found the salesman from Marvin rather rude, which put me off completely. Eventually I met with the Weathershield representative at our local dealership. They are great windows with an extruded aluminum cladding. I purchased six double hung windows, four French doors and a picture window, along with a couple of casements. The quote came in at $15,000 for everything, which I felt was reasonable. We went with the unfinished wood interior, so I can do the work myself and we have low-e glass. What I love about these windows is that they tilt, making it so easy to clean. Overall a fantastic product and experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality windows.

Sam - Consumer - from 2011

Poor Quality Bad Customer Experience

I went with Weathershield as I thought they were a quality window, but I was wrong. Not only does their customer service need attention, but the quality of their windows is exceptionally poor. We ordered Crestlines and they weren't installed properly, so the bottom sashes didn't sit in the frame properly. We call the company and they sent out a service repair man, who claimed that the initial installation had caused the frames to bow and twist. What a bad experience. I would not suggest these windows to anyone.

Wendy Consumer from 2011

Are Weathershield Good Windows?

I've been shopping around for quotes on replacement windows. I met with a salesman from Weathershield who suggested that they don't do a complete replacement, but rather replace the sashes only. I have extruded aluminum frames, which he felt didn't need replacing. I am still waiting for the quote, but was hoping someone has experience with this company and can advise on whether they are quality windows or not.

Victoria - Homeowner - from 2010


I haven't had very good experiences with Weathershield windows. I have sold and installed them in the past, but not without a fair share of problems. I have had everything from poor customer service to manufacturing problems when working with this particular window. Many of the contractors in the local area have experienced the same problems. My recommendation is to look at some of the other window companies in your area and see what they have to offer.

Al - Installer - from 2010

Decent Window

My experience with Weathershield is that their windows are a decent quality. They are lacking when it comes to customer service. I also feel that their vinyl windows are not the best, but if you are going with their wood products, you cannot really go wrong. Personally their wood clad options that I have installed have required some maintenance to work properly, but that comes with the installation process. I always try and steer my customers to some of the quality vinyl products on the market before suggesting Weathershield.

Matthew Installer - from 2010

Weathershield Visions 3000 Windows

I could really do with some advice on the Weathershield Visions 3000 window. We were going with wood, but the price has forced us to consider vinyl and I believe the Visions 3000 is a pretty decent vinyl double hung window. I like the look of them and they seem to have good performance numbers.

Jim - Consumer - from 2010


Personally I wouldn't go with Weathershield for a vinyl window. Their experience is wood windows and it seems that they have included vinyl because of demand. Have a look at Gorell and Sunrise, both good quality vinyl products. If you need advice there is a knowledgeable salesman at Windows on Washington, may be worth having a chat to him before you make a final choice.

Henry - Installer - from 2010

Choice For Clad Windows

Weathershield don't only offer one wood clad window, in fact they have a complete range. Many homeowners aren't aware of this and automatically go for the lower priced options, which are inferior. The Legacy is their higher end window and is well built and looks good.

Steven Installer from 2009

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