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Crestline Windows Reviews

Read Crestline windows reviews from consumers and homeowners.

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Feedback on Crestline Appreciated

I haven't heard much about the CrestFit windows before, but I am considering them for our double hung replacements and would appreciate any feedback.

Peter - Homeowner 2005

[Contractor Response]

To be honest the experience I had wasn't the best. I was asked to service some Crestlines a few years ago for a client. The windows were only nine years old, but when I contacted them they claimed they only keep parts for replacement for five years. The homeowners weren't happy and I can't say I blame them. They may have improved in the past few years, but as I said, overall it was a shocking experience. I've had good success with Wincore and would have to recommend this brand over the Crestline to all of my future customers.

Chris - Contractor 2005

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Absolute Disgrace

Two years ago we put Crestline windows in our new home in WI. Within six months the windows were leaking and fogged up completely. Crestline claimed it was our fault, so Menards wouldn't cover it under the warranty. Crestline stated that we had too much condensation in our home, which isn't true and now I'm left with leaking windows and probably going to have to replace them again in the near future. I will definitely not be using Crestline again.

Jim - Homeowner 2006

Crestline 300 Series

While looking for windows recently I found that the Crestline vinyl windows don't have a foam insulation. The majority of window companies offer foam insulation as a basic, while some charge extra for it. How important is this insulation really? The reason I am asking is that from all the estimates I have received Crestline is the cheapest by a considerable margin. Some of the quotes are charging me extra for gas fills, color choices and foam insulation. Menards seems to have a lot of complaints regarding their warranty, but in my experience I've never had any problems with them in the past and am wondering if they are an improvement over other window companies.

Charles - Contractor 2010

[Homeowners Response]

I follow the Consumer Reports and if you have a look at the October 2007 report you'll find that Crestline, along with Alside and Pella, all received excellent ratings when it comes to the durability of their vinyl windows. My concern is the cranks, Pella's looks more durable than the Crestline. But Crestline definitely comes with a good U factor of .29. I am waiting to see what other people write on their experiences before making a decision and going with Crestline windows for my home.

Janet - Homeowner 2010

[Contractor Response]

My concern is that so many people believe that Consumer Reports actually tests windows and then does a review. This is not the case, in fact they only review windows which are hold at large building supply stores, such as Lowes and Home Depot. Consumer Report gets their hands on the NFRC ratings and then reviews them accordingly and I would recommend taking what they have to say with a pinch of salt. As a customer this leaves you with a very limited option, there are fantastic window options available from top manufacturers at affordable prices that you cannot buy at your larger chain stores.

Bob - Contractor 2010

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