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Gerkin Windows Reviews

Discover real Gerkin window reviews from homeowners, contractors and installers on their experience with these windows.

Installer Opinion

I've always found the Gerkin windows to be a durable and solid window with good ratings. They are reasonably priced, they make both aluminum and vinyl windows, but they don't have a wide variety of features and colors to choose from. That being said, I think these windows are a great choice for any property.

2009 - Jimmy a Window Installer

Compared To Marvins And Jeld Wens

Marvins have always been my top choice but they are expensive and there aren't any dealers in my area. So I started looking at other options, Gorell and Jeld-Wen were a concern, they seemed to flimsy. So I started to consider Gerkin and overall I am impressed. They appear durable with good AI numbers and they are visually appealing. Another advantage is that they are slightly more affordable than the others so I think my decision has been made.

2010 - Rebecca a Homeowner

Gerkins or Milgards

Gerkin and Milgard are top quality window options in the Arizona area. Here aluminum windows are the best option and both of these window companies offer great products and customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of these to my clients.

2010 - Jason a Window Contractor Find out more on the Milgard Windows Reviews page.

Vinyl or Aluminum Windows

I am busy doing some research on the Gerkin windows for my home in Kansas. What I like is that their aluminum windows are sturdy with reinforced frames and their vinyl options seem to be the middle to higher end of the market with low-e glass and insulation. So far I am pretty impressed.


"Well we went ahead with the Gerkin windows and I had them installed six months ago, they look really good. I am impressed with their customer service and the fact there is a real person on the other end of the line. The only problem I had was one of the screens was bent, but they sorted that out for me.

2011 - Amy a Homeowner from Kentucky

Gerkin or Hayfield

Who would have thought choosing windows would be such a difficult task, I am completely torn between the Gerkin windows and Hayfields. They both have their advantages with the Gerkins offering low air infiltration and the Hayfields offering a sturdier window and a better warranty. When it comes to price and quality they are pretty much the same, so I am still stuck on which is best for my home.

2011 - Bruce a Homeowner

Gerkin Vinyl Options

Vinyl windows are very popular these days, making it difficult to find quality aluminum windows. Gerkins aluminum windows are pretty decent even though they don't have a wide range of options available. They have a quality sill support and low air filtration, the rates are anywhere from .01 to .04 rated according to the window you have chosen.

2012 - Jim an Installer

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