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Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews

Browse our Jeld-Wen windows reviews from homeowners and contractors who have experience with these windows to help you decide if they are the right choice for your next window project. Find out more on the Jeld-Wen windows prices page for pricing information.

Tom - HWRC Editor - Last Updated: February 22, 2024

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Jeld-Wen vs. Simonton

I could really use some advice for the replacement of two picture windows, a slider and seventeen double hung windows. So far I have quotes on the Jeld-Wen Builders Vinyl and the Simonton Prism Platinum. They are both low-E glass windows with similar warranties and I get tax credits with both. Price isn't an issue, all I want is quality windows that will last.

Chloe - a Homeowner, 2019

[Contractor Reply]

If price really isn't an issue I would suggest the Simontons. Even though they are expensive they will last longer, have fewer problems and the frame is durable.

Adrian - a Contractor, 2019

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Hurd or Pozzi

If I had to choose between the Jeld-Wen Pozzi and the Hurd windows I would definitely go with the Pozzi. Hurd offered a great warranty until 2008 when they were sold and decided not to honor it anymore which lead to many contractors refusing to work with them. Pozzi is the top of the range when it comes to Jeld-Wen and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to customers.

Barry - an Industry Insider, 2009

Ply Gem or Jeld Wen

I am looking for windows for my home in Idaho. The windows must be quality that can handle weather changes, we have really hot summers and milder winters. I also want windows that will qualify me for a tax rebate, so they must be energy certified.

Carrie - a Homeowner, 2019

[Contractor Reply]

In my personal opinion you are better off getting some other quotes from other companies, if you are limited to these two windows I would go with the Ply Gem. The CertainTeeds are very poor and some of the Great Lakes are alright, but I am not a fan of the Jeld Wen windows at all.

Eric - a Window Installer, 2019

Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews - Complaint

I made the biggest mistake when I ordered Jeld-Wen windows from Home Depot. We have spent weeks sending windows back for replacement, one window even went back twice before one arrived without being damaged. One was narrower than the order and the sliders were wrong. While the people we dealt with were fantastic I can't say anything good about the windows, each window that was sent back took weeks before a replacement came. I think their problem came down to shipping and packaging. A little bit of cardboard and bubble wrap isn't going to ensure the window arrives safe and sound. We received plenty of discounts and refunds and eventually I had to just walk away, the frustration was too much and made the whole project a nightmare experience.

Melanie - a Homeowner, 2020

Unhappy Consumer

I am super frustrated with Jeld-Wen, I spent over $20,000 on solid wood windows made to custom order from Jeld-Wen for my Victorian home. Three windows cracked in the first winter and I was told there was no warranty on the glass. After paying so much money they now want an additional $1,000 to cover the glass cost. I will never recommend Jeld-Wen to anyone I know, their service is appalling and they don't back their product in any way.

Tina - a Homeowner, 2020

Jeld-Wen or Pella

After getting a quote for Jeld-Wen windows I stopped in at the Pella showroom when I was driving by and was impressed by the quality and visual appeal of the Pella windows, not to mention they were more affordable than the Jeld-Wens. Eventually I chose the Pella Architect windows which have aluminum wood clad that doesn't dent. Just to mention the Jeld-Wen windows were rolled aluminum which dented easily.

Stuart - a Homeowner, 2021

Product Praise

I live in a small town where we have Jeld-Wen, Andersen and Pella showrooms all squashed into a few roads. I personally like the Jeld-Wen windows, I have always found their service and product to be very good when it comes to performance and visual appeal. Obviously the more you pay the better the window but you can put them in yourself with a little bit of DIY knowledge.

Chase - a Window Installer, 2021

Siteline EX or Kolbe

I am in the process of a remodeling project and have been looking at a choice of window options that are wood clad double hungs. So far I've noticed the Jeld-Wen Siteline EX claims to be extruded aluminum, but they are rolled on aluminum. The Kolbe Classic is also rolled but the Kolbe Ultras are extruded. They are all similar in price with the Ultra being slightly more. I am trying to determine if it's worth paying the extra for the Ultra range or if anyone has any other suggestions.

Lee-Ann - a Homeowner, 2021

[Contractor Reply]

"I am not a huge fan of Jeld-Wen, they started by buying a number of low quality window companies and their quality has never improved. You can't go wrong with the Kolbe Ultra, they are durable and made very well. If you can only afford the Jeld-Wen windows I would suggest shopping around to see what other options you have available in your area.

Jeremy - a Contractor, 2011

[Second Reply]

If those are your only choices then there is no comparison at all. Rolled aluminum isn't my favorite choice, so I would suggest the Kolbe Ultra, the Jeld-Wens don't compare in any way, not even to the most affordable Kolbe range.

Joseph - a Contractor, 2021

Best Window Companies

We are up in northern California and have icy cold windows with lots of wind and snow, so whichever windows we choose must be durable and able to withstand the weather conditions. I am trying to decide between Milgard and Jeld-Wen, price isn't an issue, durability is more important.

Stacy - a Homeowner, 2022

[Contractor Reply]

Milgard has a good name, but if you can I would get prices on Sunrise, Gorell and SoftLite, these windows are better than Gorell or Jeld-Wen when it comes to energy efficiency, quality and durability.

John - a Contractor, 2022

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