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Gorell Window Reviews

Browse our Gorell window reviews from homeowners and industry professionals to determine if they are the best choice for your new project and find out how they compare with the competition. Visit Gorell windows prices page for pricing information.

Gorell Windows went out of business in 2012 when they were purchased by Soft-Lite Windows. Because the company no longer exists, the Gorell Windows warranty will not be honored by Soft-Lite (which they are not legally required to do). This is of course little help for customers who have issues with their windows.

Gorell 5300 Review

If I had to list my personal top five windows it would include the Gorell 5300, Sunrise Restorations, OKNA 800, Softlite Elements LS and Polaris Ultraweld.

2009 - Alex a Window Installer from Texas

Window Choices in New York

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to windows available in New York whether you're looking for vinyl, wood or fiberglass. Once you know the material you want you can find window suppliers, for example a good fiberglass window is the Marvin Infinity. Wood isn't as easy to get these days everyone is using vinyl, but Loewen and Pella do wood windows. If it's vinyl you're after there is Gorell, Okna, Sunrise and Simonton to choose from.

2009 - Kevin a Contractor Read more Marvin window reviews page.

Gorell or Ideal

I am currently looking at replacing my vinyl windows in my home here in Pennsylvania. So far I have two quotes, one is the Gorell 5100 which came in at $570 with a fifty year warranty and the Ideal 5000 which came in at $400 with a twenty year warranty. I've been told that Ideal have improved their quality and was wondering if anyone has installed these windows before and can confirm this.

2009 - Bill a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I work with a lot of windows and I would suggest you choose the Gorell windows, even at their slightly higher price. For the price you get a better quality window with a superior warranty and great customer service. If you are unsure of the windows get some more quotes, there are a lot of great windows to choose from.

2009 - Edgar a Contractor

Gorell 5500 or PGT 2300

I have spent a lot of time researching replacement windows for my home. It's not a small job, I'm replacing eighteen windows and four sliders. My main requirements are that I get quality windows with good warranties. So far I think my favorites are the PGT 2300 window and the Gorell 5500, even though the Gorell is the more expensive choice. Does anyone have experience with these windows who can advise which is the better option.

2010 - Wade a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I work mostly with Gorell, I haven't had the opportunity to work with PGT windows, though they do seem to have a really good reputation. Taking the pricing into account, the prices vary dramatically and cannot be ignored.

2010 - Jason a Contractor

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Harvey, Gorell and OKNA

My husband and I are busy looking at windows for our home. We are going to need a number of windows including a slider, a bay and fourteen double hung windows. So far I have been quoted $8,000 for Harvey Tributes, which seems really reasonable. We've heard that OKNA and Gorell are really good windows and I am not sure whether to follow up on these or just go with the Harvey option.

2010 - Sandy a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

"It's all down to preference and budget really. I would suggest if you have a higher budget, go with a better window. While Harvey isn't a poor quality window, they aren't as good as OKNA or Gorell. Contractors prefer quality windows during installation making it easier for them with a good customer service and fewer problems to deal with. Let's be honest you are going to get exactly what you are paying for, though you may be happy with the Harvey choice, as I said it's down to personal preference.

2010 - George a Contractor

Gorell or Stanek

I have received numerous quotes for double hung windows in my home. After ready reviews and taking each quote into consideration I have chosen the Stanek and Gorell Timeless windows. Does anyone have any views on which I should choose for double hungs?

2010 - Tammy a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

"The Staneks are good windows but would not be my first choice. Stanek are lacking in quality control as they don't manufacture their own parts. Gorell on the other hand are great windows and I really like the Timeless line. They also offer good features and glass package options. Just a note Gorell manufactures their own parts.

2010 - Henry a Contractor

Gorell or Silverline

In my personal opinion Gorell is a much better window than the Silverlines. Even though Gorell is more expensive, you won't be replacing them any time soon unlike with the Silverlines. Paying that little extra goes a long way.

2010 - John an Installer

Vinyl 5300

I feel the Gorell 5300 and the Vekaplast DH1WW are very similar except the Gorell has a sloped sill. I think the Gorell is one of the nicest vinyl windows and offers durability and visual appeal.

2011 - Stan a Contractor

Gorell 5100 and Okna 400

I am trying to decide between two estimates I received for replacement windows in my home. I am going to be replacing six double hung windows, four sliders of which three are on the larger side. So far I have quotes on the Gorell 5100 and the OKNA 400 series. The Gorell quote came in at $5,950 and the OKNA is $4,750 and another $16 for each window. The dealer is trying to push me for the OKNA option saying they are the same quality except they have different sliders. I want to ensure I make the right choice and if I take the price out of the equation completely, which would be the better choice or should I keep looking?"

2011 - Jonny a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

"In my personal experience I have always found the OKNA to be a better window and they offer good energy efficiency. Both are good windows, don't get me wrong, but with a good installer, you will be very happy with the OKNA.

2011 - Chad a Contractor

[Second Reply]

OKNA wins hands down, even though Gorell is a really good window. I do regular work with both of these brands and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Gorell, I must say I feel the OKNA is a better window. Have a look at the OKNA 500 series, they are a little more pricey, but they are great windows.

2011 - Eric an Installer

Gorell, Softlite and PGT Comparison

I sell Gorell, Softlite and PGT windows, even though I seem to sell more of the PGT because of their affordable price. I like the Gorell with their glass package options and as far as the triple pane choices go, they are better than any of the other windows when it comes to energy efficiency. The air infiltration numbers are .05 for both the Softlite ranges and the PGT 2300 series.

2011 - Frank a Contractor

Gorell or Simonton

I am currently in the process of replacing sixteen windows in my Chicago home. I have a limited budget and want quality. So far I have estimates from Simonton and Gorell. The estimates so far include the Gorell 5305 with AC Master insulated glass and a Solar Shine feature, they also come with a lifetime warranty on the vinyl and a fifty year warranty on the glass. The quote came in at $8,150. The Simonton Estimate is for the 5050 range in white with low-E glass and an Argon fill. They also offer a lifetime warranty and ten year warranty on labor. This quote is $7,750. Then they also gave me an estimate on the Simonton 5500 range which have the same features at the 5050 range, except this quote is $9,970. Now I am not sure which is the better option, I really like the Simonton 5500, but they are so expensive and the Simonton 5050 doesn't look as good which is probably why they are the cheaper option.

2012 - Aidan a Homeowner in Illinois

[Contractor Reply]

There are a few options available to you such as the Sunrise, Softlite and OKNA windows, they all have good features and are quality windows, they won't be much more than the quotes you have already received. I would personally recommend Gorell over the others.

2012 - Barry a Contractor

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Gorell Windows Reviews

If I had to choose between the Simonton 5050, Atrium and the Gorell 5100 as long as I could reinforce the fiberglass, fill the frame and have double strength glass, I would choose the Gorell as the better choice.

2012 - David a Contractor

Gorell vs. Alliance

I'm replacing 11 double hung windows and a picture window. I've narrowed it down to Gorell 5300s or the Alliance Midway Hawthorne. Both of them have the features and colors I want, but I'm not sure which is better quality?

Dave - Homeowner - from 2012


The Gorell is far better than anything from Alliance products. I really like the 5300, but there are supposed to be some changes to the next generation of it so you might consider waiting just a little longer. They also have a long history of outstanding customer service, but they were recently bought by Softlite and I don't know how the different departments and policies and employees will settle. I would take a look at Sunrise, HiMark, and Okna if you aren't totally sold on Gorell. If you really love the Gorell, they are a nice product but I'd wait for the new updates.

Holland - Installer - from 2012

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