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Gilkey Window Reviews

Read Gilkey window reviews from homeowners, installers and contractors who have experience with these windows and see if they are the right choice for your next project. For pricing info, see our replacement window cost estimator.

Product Details

My problem is that I am interested in the Gilkey brand, but am finding it really hard to find the necessary information to make my decision. Their salesman gave me a piece of paper with handwritten information after discussing a host of options for my replacement project, now I don't know which is which. I've been on the website and read through the brochure and still don't have any product details. Any other window company site I have looked at have all the information ready and available.

2006 - Charles a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I know a number of contractors that work with the Gilkey windows on a regular basis and they only have glowing report on them. They have a good reputation and I know for a fact that their top of the line product is a fantastic choice. I am not knowledgeable on all their options and lines, I will have to spend some time and look up the specs and pricing.

2006 - Damian a Contractor

Gilkey Series 6 and 10

I'm not sure which of these windows is the best choice for my home in Chicago. I am in the process of replacing a picture window, some single casements and sliders, in total it is sixteen windows. The Series 6 has some impressive numbers from the 99.7 UV rating to the .16 U value and .36 SHGC. The Series 10 is a thousand more in price than the Series 6, the quote has come in at just over $11,000, but they are more visually appealing also with good numbers including the 99.9 UV rating, .10 U value and the .33 SHGC. Any advice is appreciated.

2008, Andrew a Homeowner in Chicago


You won't be disappointed with the Gilkey brand with their good warranty and great U values. The Heat Mirror, which many people aren't fans of offer good U Values. If you can find these windows at a good price, they are a top choice.

2008 - Ben a Contractor

Gilkey, PGT or Window World

I've been told some conflicting stories about Gilkey. I am in the process of replacing some windows and the three quotes I have are for Gilkey, PGT and Window World. The Gilkeys seems a more quality window, even though they are slightly more expensive. My concern is that I have been told that if you order a window from Gilkey they send the cheaper option. Can anyone shed some light on this before I make my choice?

2009 - Chad a Homeowner in Kentucky


I have always found the Gilkey windows to be good quality and they don't have problems later on. Their customer service is really good so I think that if they did send the wrong window it wouldn't be on purpose, probably just a mistake.

2009 - Bradley an Installer Read more on the Window World Windows reviews page.

Contractor Endorsement

I can't say anything bad about Gilkey, they have a good customer service team and a good warranty. I have always found their windows to be durable and sturdy and even though I don't' like the Heat Mirror line, they do make a different to energy costs, helping keep them to a minimum. Their System Boreal is a hurricane rated window, but not a very visually appealing choice. Overall I think Gilkey makes good windows.

2010 - Jerry a Contractor from Florida

Gilkey or Champion

I would suggest you have a good look at the Gilkey when considering Champion windows. Gilkeys are a smaller company, but I really think their windows are better than the Champions. They also offer great customer service. The only downfall is that they are limited on choice.

2010 - Bradley a Homeowner from Ohio

Customer Complaint

I can't say my experience with Gilkey was smooth sailing. Apart from the fact that my gas bill has reduced by thirty percent, there isn't anything positive to say. I ordered these windows because I was told they were a good brand. Installation was arranged for six weeks later, but when they didn't arrive it was up to me to start hunting down my windows. Eventually I was told they were on back order and after some time they arrived. What really got to me was that one of the reasons Gilkey appealed to me is that they use in-house installers, but the van that arrived was unmarked and the contractors didn't have any uniforms. Back on the phone to complaint to be told a lie that they don't supply their contractors with vehicles, but they were the in-house team. Apart from this they are good windows except for the occasional whistle which occurs when the wind is blowing.

2011, Tammy a Homeowner in Illinois

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