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Sliding Window Costs

Sliding window costs range anywhere from $200 - $750 installed, which includes the price for both the window and the install. Sliders or gliders as they are commonly referred to as are usually right in line with single hung window prices. Although these windows often have worse performance numbers when compared to casements or double hungs, they are one of the most popular window styles for their simplicity and ease of use.

Price Range: $200 to $750 installed

Entry Level Sliding Window Costs

Entry level sliders start out at $100 to $200 (this doesn't include installation). These lower grade windows will often be sold at home improvement stores and labeled as builder grader. They are usually a lower end vinyl frame with a clear glass and they are going to be a stripped down version of the mid grade and premium products. Hardware will be a white plastic and you shouldn't expect any color options other than white or off white (exterior frame colors can increase costs significantly).

Mid Range Sliding Window Costs

Mid range sliders start at $200 and top out at $350 (again this doesn't include installation). They will be lots more options in this range - well made vinyl extrusion, fiberglass, composite, aluminum or even a lower end wood clad window. Here you can expect a nice mid range double pane, double strength low-e glass package with quality glazing, fills and spacers. You can expect some upgrades, examples include vent stops, weep hole covers, recessed lever mechanisms, better hardware and perhaps several more color options.

Premium Sliding Window Costs

Premium sliders start at $300 and top out around $550 for just the window. Frame wise, you should expect a wood clad or high end aluminum or fiberglass (perhaps with a wood interior). The glass package should be a premium low-e option (most companies have special names for their upgraded glass pacakges), fills, spacers - perhaps a triple pane option. You should expect metal hardware and lots of exterior finish and color options.

Installation Costs: $50 - $250

Installation costs are project specific, so if you just need inserts you will pay $50 to $75 per opening, standard will range from $100 to $175, historic homes are a bit higher than this and full frame replacement will run up to $250 per opening.

Complete Project Pricing

Entry Level Pricing

Entry-level pricing starts at $200 and tops out at $350 installed. Most companies offer a low end option, just take a look at Consumer Reports windows ratings and you will find a slew of options (inferior options, but options nonetheless). Companies who are often refered to as entry level include Alside, American Craftsman, Silverline and Viwinco.

Mid Range Pricing

Mid range pricing starts at $350 and tops out at $500 installed. Homeowners looking for a well made vinyl slider with high quality installation from a quality company should be able to achieve this right in the mid range here. On the East Coast, look at Ply Gem, Soft-Lite, Sunrise and Okna. On the West Coast, try Milgard, Anlin, Simonton and Amerimax.

High End Pricing

High end pricing starts at $500 and tops out at $750 installed. Quality fiberglass clad windows include the Marvin Infinity, composite frames we recommend the Himark Starmark and wood clad windows we recommend include Andersen 400 Series Woodwright.

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