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Window World Prices

Discover Window World prices on their various options and deals they offer. We try to provide some baseline costs and explain the quality of the windows and products they use.

If you'd like to ask our editors a question about your replacement or new construction windows project, send Tom an email.

Feel free to include project quotes and bids and get an expert opinion on which proposal(s) is right for you. Our site editor, and our website in general, is not associated with any window company. Instead, our advise is based on the idea of providing American consumers with the best long term value for your dollar.

Window World Low End $189 Window

The WW $189 window deal that is always advertised uses the Alside Sheffield. This is a low end vinyl window that is generally considered a poor choice for any homeowner who needs a window to perform well over many years. Many installers complain of the poor overall construction of the window, particularly the snap in sill. The window uses the same frame extrusion for all four sides, which lowers the overall strength of the frame (but reduces production costs). The Sheffield frame is a bit thicker than the Excalibur, has more chambers and has a slightly lower U-value at 0.29. However, the window gets knocked for poor seals and bad weatherstripping. It is stronger than the Excalibur, but also bulkier and not as nice looking.The Sheffield is similar in quality and cost to the Amsco Artisan window.

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Window World High End Or Upgraded Window

The WW upgraded window deal is the Alside Ultramaxx.The Ultramaxx gets mixed, but overall decent reviews from many contractor and installers. Many would deem the Ultramaxx a fair option given the right price point (and good quality installation). It still uses a pocket sill (the company refers to it as a full capture sill), which many installers point to as a poor design. Over time, water, pollen and other debris can build up and plug the inside of the frame, causing mildew and mold inside the frame. If homeowners are going to purchase Alside, we recommend the Ultramaxx. The Ultramaxx is similar in quality and cost to the Hyde from Vinylmax.

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Past Customer Bids & Pricing

6000 Series
14 double hungs, 1 Fixed, 1 Slider
Sizes: Varied
Price: $475 average for each
Included product and installation.
State: Indiana
Bid price from 2012.

6000 Series
21 Double Hungs, 1 Large Picture Window
Size: Standard DHs
Price: $420 each
Included installation.
Location: Kansas City
Project completed in 2012.

4000 Series
Vinyl DH With Storm Windows (double paned, low-E, argon, and grids)
Dimensions 34"W x 53"H (2), 35"W x 77"H (2)
Price: $455 installed
Bid prices from 2007.

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