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Lincoln Window Reviews

Browse Lincoln window reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners for you to explore to find the right windows for your project.

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Lincolns or Marvins

What a nightmare we are having with our Lincoln windows on the one side of our house. They leak and we have big condensation problems. The Marvins on the other hand, even though they were more expensive, we've had no problems and we don't have the condensation issues. The one problem we did have was handled quickly and we were given a rebate by the rep. I would recommend Marvin every time.

Freddy - a Homeowner, 2007

Poor Latch & Keeper System

I made the mistake of putting Lincoln windows in my home six months ago. It wasn't long before we noticed the drafts and my installer was adamant he had installed them correctly. I got another contractor in to have a look and he also stated the installation was done correctly. The problem is the latches don't connect and some don't latch at all. I called the original installer who treated me like a child trying to explain how to use the latch and keeper window. I must say I am not at all impressed with these Lincoln windows that I can't lock.

Tom a Homeowner, 2007

Double Hungs

When we built our home in the early 1990's we chose Lincoln windows and I am warning you now, don't even look at them. The problems were instant even though we got all the features including the low-e glass package and argon fills. I've already had to replace many of the windows with rotten sashes and moisture accumulating inside the glass. I'm looking to replace the balance soon with another brand.

Nigel - a Homeowner, 2008

Different Window Series

I am currently considering the Lincoln Timeline series. A friend of mine is a contractor and he's just finished working with the Harmony range which he claims was very good. I can't find much information on the Timeline which is the vinyl range and was hoping someone could shed more light on them for me.

Andrew - a Homeowner, 2010

[Contractor Reply]

I would only recommend the Lincolns if you are in the process of selling you home. They are low quality windows and you wouldn't want them in a home you intend living in for an extended period.

Steven - a Window Installer, 2010

Window Installer Point Of View

I have never had problems with the Lincoln windows and I have been installing them for over ten years. The most common installations are the thermopanes which is a wood window with metal cladding. Out of the thousands I have installed I've only had a handful of issues and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them.

Tom - a Window Installer, 2011

Dissatisfied Homeowner

The Lincoln warranty is a joke, I live in a neighborhood where we all have Lincoln windows, the majority being the thermopane windows. The minute the warranty expired the windows started having problems from seals breaking to fogging windows. I've already replaced nine of mine and my neighbor has replaced all of his. We paid hundreds per window with the warranty in place and now it's expired we are responsible for the bill.

Victor - a Homeowner, 2011

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