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Best Affordable Window Replacements

Find affordable window replacement options on the market. Get brand names, series, and target pricing. Affordable does NOT mean cheaply made. Instead, we are shooting for an affordable window replacement option that still provides long term value.

Please be aware that buying an affordable window and expecting it to last requires high quality installation. If you're getting away with an okay window - you must have great installation - and this takes some time and multiple window bids to find a company that offers both.

Below you will find five of my top picks in this category. Scroll down below this and you will find homeowner quotes from the most recent year and years past. Enjoy!

Tom - HWRC Editor

Last Updated: February 21, 2024

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Affordable Window Replacement | Ideal Professional

The Professional series is considered their lower end option, but this is a good vinyl window. It is available in a double hung, picture window, slider, casement, bow, bay, hopper and awning. For the double hung with the Energy smart glass package, consumers can expect 0.30 U-factor, D30 and a 0.28 SHGC.

Target Price Installed: $500

Ideal Pricing

Affordable Window Replacement | Okna 400

Anything from Okna is a good window, their 400 Series is their very basic window, but is one of the best of the bunch here. You aren't going to realistically be able to get this installed for the $350 - think more like $400, which would be a deal.

Target Price Installed: $550

Okna Windows Prices

Affordable Window Replacement | Sunrise Essentials

The essentials is the Sunrise entry level window, although you would probably be hard pressed to get this window in this price range - probably more like $600 with no upgrades (this would be a great price, assuming the installer was reputable). The company is well regarded and makes some of the best vinyl windows on the market.

Target Price Installed: $600

Sunrise Windows Prices

Affordable Window Replacement | Alside Mezzo

The Alside Mezzo is the most popular Alside series by far - I would say I hear about this series 90% of the time when it's an Alside bid. I would give the Mezzo a 7.0 out of 10. A good mid range window to be sure.

Target Price Installed: $500

Alside Windows Cost

Affordable Window Replacement | Simonton Asure

Simonton makes good solid windows and their entry level window is the Asure. It has thin lines and gets good marks from many installers. To get in at the $500 installed price, you won't be able to do any upgrades on glass or hardware but you will have a solid replacement window ratings and a solid company behind it.

Target Price Installed: $500

Simonton Windows Prices

Affordable Window Replacement | 2023

Acadian Window Series

16 Double Hung
Dimensions: Standard
Included Windows&Installation
Year Of Bid: 2023

Simonton 5500 Series

8 Double Hungs
Sizes: Normal Sized
Bid Price: $5.8K
Included Full Project Scope
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Year: 2023

EZ Window (Gold Series)

14 Double Hungs, 1 Patio Door
Sizing: Medium Mostly
Price Quote: $11.5K
Included Everything
Area: Lorain, Ohio
Project Cost from 2023

Affordable Window Replacement | 2020

Alenco Solace AR90

7 Double Hung
Size: 36" by 53"
Bid: $7.5K
Included Installation Cost
State: Kansas City, Missouri
Year: 2020

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