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Window Replacement Estimates

Window replacement estimates are extremely important for the consumer. Having lots of options, companies and brands to choose from puts you in the driver's seat. Estimates are an excellent way to learn more about your project details. After two or three estimates, you will probably know the type of installation you will need as well as the overall window cost. Best of all, they should always be free - the only sacrifice you have to make is your time.

Tom - HWRC Editor - From 2023

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Window Replacement Estimates | Multiple Bids

Contractors and local companies may charge totally different prices for the exact same project details. Sometimes it is because the contractor has a lot of overhead (i.e. the bid price is high), sometimes work is slow for a company and they want to keep their crews working (i.e. you get a great deal), sometimes the company throws out a number to see if the consumer will bite (i.e. bid price is really high). Three bids are usually enough to get a pretty good idea of what the going per opening cost will be.

Sample The Merchandise

Usually the window company carries two or three brands such as Simonton, Milgard and Anlin and typically each brands or manufacturer has a low end, mid range and high end product. They may even bring different frame materials for you to take a look at. To compare two commom frame materials, check out fiberglass vs. vinyl windows. This is a great time to try out the windows, open them up, check out the features and compare how they feel - are they boxy, do they have even sightlines. Ask a ton of questions to really get a feel for the how the products compare.

Ask About The Installation

The installation is half the battle. Whoever comes out to give you the estimate has to convince you beyond a reasonable doubt that their installation crews do a very thorough job. Ask if they use non expanding foam or insulation (foam is usually a bit better)? Is there a warranty on the installation itself? How often are there warranty issues? Are the installers subs or do they actually work for the company - you want installers who work for the company and who are paid a good hourly wage to make sure they don't cut corners - Window World for example has gotten flack for using subs and paying them per window so they tend to rush the installation.

Say No To The Hard Sell

If you have a window company come out and they pressure you to sign a contract right then and there, they are probably not the most trustworthy company out there. Most quality companies have a decent amount of business and they sell themselves by carrying quality products and explaining how their installation crew will do a thorough job. Certain companies have a bit of a reputation for this, Renewal By Andersen is one (although they do make a good product, but it is very expensive). Collect your bids, take a few days and make your decision in a calm and rational manner.

Narrow It Down And Choose

Replacing your windows is about finding good products. Check our reviews section to make sure that the brands they carry are good. The other half is making sure the installation is done right. Recheck the online reviews of the company to make sure other consumers were happy with their work. Yelp and Angie's List are great places to go to do this.

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Window Replacement Estimates | 2023

Check out these window replacement estimates from past homeowners who were nice enough to share their information.

Vytex Grandview / Potomac-HP (One Bay)

12 Double Hungs, 1 Bay Window
Dimensions: 30"x45", Bay (W: 112" x H: 54")
Price Quote: $19.5K
Included Install
State: Maryland
Project Bid from 2023

Pella 150 Series

13 Dual Pane Double-hungs
Dimensions: Standard Size
Price Quote: $10.7
Included Windows And Installation
Place: Dallas Texas
Project Bid from 2023

ProVia Endure EN600

24 Sliders And DHs
Sizes: Pretty Standard
Quote: $26.4K
Area: North Virginia
Project Bid from 2021

Window Replacement Estimates | 2022

Alside Mezzo

19 single Hung Windows
Sizes: 36 inches by 72 inches
Quote: $12.9KK
Included Installation
Area: Dallas Texas
Project Bid from 2022

Target 4000 Series

15 Double Hungs, 1 Slider, 1 Patio Door
Size: Varied (Included Minor Wood Rot Repair)
Quoted: $14.8K
Included Pocket Installation
Area: Kansas City, Missouri
Project Year: 2022

Provia Endure EN600

40 Replacements (Combination Picture, Sliders, DHs, SHs)
Sizes: Some Are Pretty Large
Bid Pricing: $35K
Included Everything
Area: Colorado
Project Quote from 2022

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