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Okna Windows Reviews And Price Quotes

Check out all of our Okna Windows reviews on their vinyl series, including the 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1800 and Starmark window. Find additional information on their windows, quality customer service and Okna window prices.

Tom - HWRC Editor - This Page Was Updated In July, 2024

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Window Quote Review

Attached is a quote for windows and sliding door. I have 2 days to cancel my deposit. The 2 owners do all the installing. Located in northern Illinois. Thanks, 3 Okna 800 double hung, 1 Okna 800 twin double hung, 1 picture window and 1 Elegante patio door. Includes building an exterior frame for the patio door, exterior trim coil.

Total Cost: $10150

Curt - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Curt, that's probably a pretty fair price for the 5 windows, 1 patio door, along with the aluminum capping and exterior frame build. I always tell people to collect 3 to 4 bids and they will be amazed at the wide variance in price, but the Okna 800 series is one of the bes out there. I think you are safe with this option - I have a list of recommended windows.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2024

Okna 600 Series vs. Window Nation Direct

Tom, shortly after the Okna salesmen left our house yesterday I started pacing around in total disbelief, and shock. I couldn't wipe this grin off my face. Window Universe, Lakewood gave us a bid for the 600 series, upgraded to a triple pane for $1000 bucks an opening. The total price was considerably lower than the other three bids for double pane. Performed by Renewal by Anderson, Pella, and Window Nation Direct (a relabeled Polaris window).

Windows; 16 total, 10 normal-sized DH and 1 picture in the house, then 5 larger sliders in our three-season sunroom. We currently have grids and our HOA requires the same. House was built in 1986, and the sunroom was added in 1998.

Renewal by Anderson 46,358. 2-pane

Pella 250 series 21,817. 2-pane

Window Nation 24K today, 26K thereafter. 2-pane (threw out the bid)

Okna 600 series 15,911. 3-pane

My research: NFRC, AAMA, Energy-Star, most of Jeff Ludy's vids (happy salesman), and all of Jay Johnson's vids (informative, nuts and bolts consultant).

Then I stumbled across your okna windows reviews site with specific reviews, comparisons, specs, prices, etc. (game changer). It feels like a no-brainer am I missing something? We haven't signed anything yet, but are ready.

David - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, yep, no brainer in my opinion -- the Okna 600 is the best window on the board AND at the lowest bid -- Window Universe in Lakewood has excellent reviews -- you can't really beat that triad. That's a very good price for 16 windows, including 5 large sliders.

Tom - HWRC Editor

OKNA 800 Series Price Quote

Hi Tom, I have really appreciated your okna windows reviews website - a true treasure trove of information.

I have been getting quotes to get my windows replaced. Most of the installers want to do aluminum capping of the trim, which I'm not crazy about. But if you just replace the rotten wood trim with new wood trim, you still have upkeep. My favorite quote was from a company that installs OKNA windows - his quote is about $40k for 43 windows (with some of them big picture windows). He said he would only guarantee the aluminum capping method.

However, I have a contractor who has done a lot of work for me, and he has suggested getting new construction vinyl windows as replacements? they should have vinyl trim which won?t need to be painted. He would do the install and repair the siding. This sounds appealing to me.

In that case, what new construction windows would you recommend? I would love to use the OKNA 800 series, but apparently, you can only use their installers. Is there any other brand you would recommend for this?

Shelly - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Shelly if your question is about which companies will sell directly to a contractor, it's a crap shoot. He should know of windows he's used in the past, but most high quality vinyl window manufacturers only sell through the dealers. Here is my list of good/great windows if you want to have him search through the list and see if he has access to any of these window brands...

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2022

Okna Envirostar Series vs. Sunrise Restore AR90

Hi Tom, hope you're doing well. My husband and I recently purchased a home from 1978 with its original wood windows, broken sashes, drafts and all. We are looking to replace our windows (17 double hung and 1 picture) ASAP and have received quotes from a few vendors in the area, all ranked equally high for quality of service. Below are the quotes we?ve received:

Okna Envirostar - $12,700
Okna Starmark (composite) - $14,600
Great Lakes Comfort Smart - $12,791
Provia Endure - $13,550
Sunrise Restore AR90 - $13,870

I?ve tried to do research on each of the manufacturers on this website and others but am still struggling to make a decision. I think for us, the Great Lakes windows are out of the picture given various reviews I?ve read. I also know that Provia makes great doors but I haven?t heard much on their windows. I think for the most part, we?re between the two Okna windows and the Sunrise.

We plan on living in this house another 5-10 years but want to make sure that we are getting good quality windows that will last and have minimal to no problems. I was originally looking at vinyl windows but have considered composite given that the price is not too far out there from vinyl.

Could you please give an opinion on these companies based on experience and/or ask others to provide an opinion? We really want to choose a company soon so we can get the windows ordered and installed. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Victoria - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Victoria, some very good bids in there. For me, your lowest price bid is the strongest one. The Okna Envirostar is one of the very best, comparable to the Sunrise Restorations (I wasn't sure if this was the model you were quoted on. If the comparison is between the Okna Envirostar and the Sunrise standard series, then the Okna is the better of the two window.) Assuming the last bid is on the Restorations model, then this is a great candidate too and would be my second pick.

I would probably make the judgement between these two great options by comparing the companies doing the work: reviews, reputation, warranty. I would choose the strongest company in these three categories.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2020

Okna Windows vs Sunrise

I know you like sunrise and I was planning to go to a sunrise showroom :) Are there any other close contenders to check out? I want to be thorough in my search but only want to look at the very best? Anything with fiber glass?

Curious what do u think of Marvin integrity fiberglass in comparison to soft lite and sunrise?

Also i was opting for pure vinyl or fiber glass because i was told wood clad windows can expand and contract and become difficult to open. Was that correct info?

I really appreciate your time and information :) You are helping to narrow windows down.

Julia - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Julia, the only other close contender to Sunrise and Soft-Lite is Okna Windows And Doors. If you want to go with fiberglass I would recommend looking at the Infinity by Marvin. It's a better window than the Integrity in my opinion. Marvin makes a very good window, but it's not as energy efficient as these top end vinyl windows. It has good numbers, just not great.

Wood is an organic material that does expand and contract over time. The outside of a wood clad window will be vinyl or fiberglass cladding and only the inside will be wood. Still, wood windows rarely last as long as all vinyl or fiberglass because the wood takes more wear and tears at the joints. The warranty on a wood clad window reflects this and is typically 10, 15, or 20 years. Jeld Wen makes a wood-treated window that carries a lifetime warranty that I've actually heard good things about.

Wood is pretty, but it has to be stained and protected every five years or so. It doesn't get the same performance numbers and will break down more quickly. Some consumers love the look of wood and are willing to make these sacrifices for the overall aesthetic.

I tend to be a proponent of all vinyl and fiberglass because I would prefer energy efficiency over the look of the window.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2017

Okna 500 Series vs. Harvey Classic

Thank you for your website with reviews. It has been very helpful. I would welcome any suggestions on the following. I am considering either of the following replacement windows -

Harvey Classic Double Hung 7/8 double insulating low E Argon windows

Okna 500 Series Double Hung windows.

The price point is similar for both. I am not familiar at all with OKNA, but have heard of Harvey. I liked the look at description of the OKNA but am always concerned to go with an unknown company for fear it will go out of business, making the warranty valueless. Can you offer your thoughts? I live in Massachusetts for what that is worth in your consideration.

Denise - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Denise, the Harvey Classic Double Hung is a good window, one that I would consider putting in my home. The Okna 500 window, however, is excellent, one of the best on the market. As far as Okna being unknown, they aren't unknown in the window business. Harvey is Massachusetts based, so that's probably why you've heard of them.

Okna is probably bigger than Harvey in terms of sales (this is my guess only). They weathered the 2009 - 2011 recession easily and they aren't going anywhere. You should feel very confident that Okna will be around a long time and between these two windows, the Okna is the very clear winner.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2017

Okna Starmark

When it comes to casement windows you cannot beat the Okna Starmark. I have a number of reasons including the fact that they use superior materials with hardware screws. I cannot mention how many times I have seen casements with loose screws.

The screens offer high visibility and they are held in place with fasteners which look good with the windows. They have three layers of Q-Lon weatherstripping. The best is that the wood finish which is available as an option doesn't rot and you can match it to the other wood in your home. Another advantage of the Starmark is that their casements have tandem rollers located on the sill, so the sash closes with ease. This also prevents sagging in the future.

The multi-point locking hardware is a great choice which uses one latch to secure the window while the grids available offer a fantastic choice for older homes aiming for that historical finish.

Will - Contractor 2013

Okna Model Differences

I live in a twenty six year old home and we desperately need to replace our windows from single to triple panes. I really like Okna but am struggling with the different series they offer. Many of the dealers in my local area said the differences are purely cosmetic. Could you please explain these differences and maybe tell me which is better the Okna 400 or 800 if I am replacing all the windows in my home.

2012 - Paul - Homeowner in Connecticut

[Contractor Reply]

Personally I would go with the 500 series. They are great windows for the price. Yes there are cosmetic differences between the lines, but you also need to look at the ratings, the air infiltration and DP ratings are important to take into consideration. The 400 series isn't a bad window, it's the entry level window offered by Okna, but still superior when it comes to looking at all the other vinyl windows on the market. Be sure you choose the DX models, they have locking screens and foam insulation added to the sashes and frames, making them a great choice.

The 500 series and the 800 series are solid windows. Weatherstripping is one of the differences you will notice. The best is to put the choices next to each other and play with them to find the best one for you.

2012 - Holland - Contractor

Okna 500 or Affinity

Not many people will state that the Affinity is not as good a choice as an Okna, though I really do like the Affinity. Okna 500's have good numbers compared to Affinity windows. With an AI of .02 for the Okna 500, Affinity cannot compare, never mind that the Okna can manage high wind speeds. When it comes to U-Factors the Affinity has a .27, while the Okna has a .25. The Affinity double panes have better U-Factor numbers all the way down to .22 if you use their low-E glass package with hard coat. The problem with this is that hard coat tends to cause unwelcome glares and scratches really easily. The Affinity model offers plastic screens with squared corners while the Okna uses a forty five degree which makes them look stylish.

I would recommend the Okna 800 with their magnetic seals and their sash interlock and reinforcement. Don't get me wrong though Affinity is a good window if you don't want to pay the price for the Okna windows.

2011 - Michael - Contractor

Read additional Affinity window reviews.

Okna vs. Revere Windows

I have three bids that includes installed and grids on all of the windows, plus exterior capping. The bid for the Okna 400 window came to $615 per window, the bid on the Okna 500 was $675 per window and the quote on the Berkshire from Revere was $470 per window. Is the Okna worth the extra money? Do these prices sound fair?

Jeannie - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

In my opinion, the Okna is a much better window that anything that Revere makes. It's one of the better windows out there and if you can, I would say stretch for the 500 series (although the 400 is very decent window). As far as the per window price goes, it's too tough to say without seeing the project first hand. Get a few more bids if you are worried and that should tell you if the price is right. On the face of it, it certainly doesn't sound unreasonable.

Baron - Contractor - from 2011

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