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Renewal By Andersen Windows Reviews

Read Renewal By Andersen windows reviews from consumers and contractors and find everyday opinions on their products, customer service and more. For pricing, see our page on RBA prices.

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Renewal by Andersen vs. Marvin Integrity

Hi, I have been reviewing your site which is very helpful! We recently purchased a home in the Atlanta, GA area and are getting a lot of variety of window replacement quotes.

We have a large, custom built home that was built in 1995. The existing windows are wood, and we have a few windows that have dry rot in the sashes and frames, as well as seal failure. Several of our windows are large picture windows (60x61, 60x93). Overall, we are looking to start by replacing 15 windows and are asking the replacement companies to install and address sill/sash/dryrot where needed in the project.

We've looked at Renewal by Andersen (before finding your site), a local Dealer for Marvin Integrity, and vinyl Alaskan windows from Windows USA. Quotes for the 15 window project were $34k from RBA, $36k for Marvin integrity, and $13k for Windows USA. We have an off white "parchment" trim on all.the window interiors, and exterior is a "canvas" color.

RBA and Marvin can better color match our existing colors, but the prices seem really high. We like the made in USA and service aspects with Windows USA, but colors are limited and we did not see any info on them.on your site.

Any suggestions or feedback on these quotes?We'd like to install strong, maintenance free and energy efficient windows that compliment our existing interior/exterior. Also, any other window companies or local dealers that we should consider?

Thanks for your help!

David - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Hi David, yes the RBA and Marvin quotes are quite pricey, but you will certainly have to take care of the wood rot to insure that you maximize the life of the windows and protect your home from water and moisture damage.

I would definitely suggest some more bids to see what else is out there. Atlanta isn't my backyard but I can throw out some options for you to google. Just put in this for instance, "sunrise windows in atlanta georgia" and see if any local companies carry the brands. Then call them up and have them come give you a bid. Always make sure to look up each company and make sure they have a good reputation for quality installation and back up their work.

Sunrise, Polaris, Soft-Lite, Zen, PGT, and CWS -- not quite sure all of these are available, but I'm hoping that at least two or three are!

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2017

Quality Control Issues

We have decided to cancel our contract with RBA after I did some research on how they fare her in Minnesota. They have multiple complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and have a B rating on Angie's List. We have had friends who have used them in the past that really like the windows, but for the price they want I feel like I could get something better. Of course, now I'm starting this whole process over...any suggestions?

Ben - Homeowner - from 2012

[Installer Response]

Yes, Renewals are expensive and not worth the price in my opinion. For the $1000 a hole they want, do yourself a favor and go get Marvin Ultimate wood clads, some of the best looking windows out there. Perhaps even better yet, get Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows with the Everlast interiors for $700 a pop. Also look at Inline, which also does fiberglass and uses an oak veneer that is very nice.

Paul - Contractor - from 2012

RBA or Amerimax Windows

I had Amerimax windows placed in my Los Angeles property around five years ago. Today they are still looking white and nice. They offer no drafts or leaks, they have a smooth movement making them a top choice that works well. When shopping around we came across a ton of low priced windows and had we purchased those I think we would have been faced with numerous problems. We did consider Renewal by Anderson, but they were very expensive, almost five times more than the other brands. Vinyl windows are popular and a good purchase for your normal homeowner.

Kenneth, Past Client, 2008

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