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Explore 2023 Apex windows prices from past customers and get our site editor's take on this option.

Apex Windows Price List: The Insignia vinyl series should run $650 to $950 fully installed. This is for a normal sized opening and retrofit installation. Full frame installation will probably run higher than this price range.

Apex Insignia Rating: I would rate the Apex Insignia 4.1 out of 5 stars. Not a top tier series for me, but a top second tier window to be sure. A quality buy at the right price.

Tom - HWRC Editor - From 2023

Apex Insignia Windows Cost

1 Bay Window And 2 Sliders
Sizing: Medium
Pricing Quote: $10.3K
Included Everything
Location: North Dakota
Project from 2023

Apex Windows Cost

33 Casements, Double Hungs and Sliders
Sizing: Varied
Price Quote: $51,000
Includes Install
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Project Quote from 2023

Apex Window Prices

14 DHs and 3 Two Lite Sliders
Sizes: Varied
Price: $16.4K
Included All
Location: Charlotte, NC
Project cost quote from 2023

Apex Energy Solutions (Insignia Series)

33 Double Hungs, Sliders, And Casements
Sizes: Various Sizes
Price: $51K
Included All
Location: South Carolina
Project Quote from 2022

Insignia Windows

15 Single And Double Hungs
Sizing: varied
Quote: $30K
Included Everything
Location: Austin, Texas
Project from 2022

Apex Windows Cost In Chicago

Hello Tom, I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and yesterday I met with the rep from AES regarding replacing 26 Hurd wood casements with the Insignia series.

We have a 5 pane bay window in our living room as well as two 4 pane windows in our dining room and master bedroom, both of these will be converted to a 3 pane with 2 opening casements. We are looking at the standard beige exterior with a Foxwood (Cherry) finish on the interior. I read other reviews from your site and the same was offered to me with our home being a promo home. Their price was 25.4K without replacing the interior trim and 31.4K with replacing the trim and matching the Foxwood color of the interior.

I have had a rep from Window Works provide an estimate for their Impreza series at a cost of over 56K (Ouch) again with cream or beige exterior and cherry interior.

How do the two companies stack up and would you recommend others that I should consider for quality, service and warranty at the price range provided by AES?

Mike - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, Apex makes a good window as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't make my list, but it's a solid option. I'm not sure I know enough about Window Works to make an informed comment. Basically, Apex would be the call for me.

Tom - HWRC Guru - from 2022

Insignia Pricing

10 Double Hungs
Sizes: Varied
Quote: $700 each
Included All Costs
Area: Balitmore, Maryland
Project Bid from 2018

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