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Hurd Window Reviews

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Hurd Windows Reviews

I need advice for replacing twenty six casement windows. My first choice was RBA, but they were well over my budget. I have two other quotes, Andersen and Hurd and both are around a similar price of $30,000. The reviews I have on Hurd isn't good, but my contractor seems confident with them. Does anyone have an advice on these windows?

Jeremy - a Homeowner, 2009

[Contractor Reply]

Hurd was a great window and then they changed the wood in the 1980's and experienced some serious setbacks which included rot. They hired the Andersens engineer a few years ago and since then the newer lines are good quality without the rot problem and are considered a quality window.

Steven - a Contractor, 2009 Read additional Renewal By Andersen reviews.

Hurd or Jeld-Wen Pozzi

The choice between Hurd and Jeld-Wen Pozzi series is an easy one, the Pozzi wins every time. A lot of installers and contractors stopped working with Hurd because they never honored their warranty after they were bought out in 2008.

Liam - an Industry Insider, 2009

Bad Reputation

Hurd has developed a really bad reputation over the years and we've many lawsuits, these are a result of them not honoring older warranties, poor construction and cheap materials. There isn't one dealer out there that wants to explain to customer that they paid for a warranty which is now completely worthless.

Mark - a Contractor, 2009

Hurd Windows Reviews

I made the mistake of putting the Heat Mirror windows and doors onto my home in Colorado about nine years ago. Of course Hurd isn't honoring their warranties anymore, which means that even though my windows have dust inside the glass inside the panes and the seals are all failing, I am forced to buy new windows. The problems started within the first year of them being installed with seals failing, they did replace those and they also replaced the glass door which had the film wrinkling. But now they won't honor the warranty and I am going to have to start looking for windows and doors that will last a long time and not just a year or two.

Oliver - a Homeowner, 2009

Historic House Windows

We are so limited in finding windows for a historical restoration in Cleveland. The materials and design choices have to be authentic, making it really difficult to find quality windows. The problem is that most manufacturers are making vinyl and we are allowed to use aluminum clad windows, we are not allowed fiberglass, glazing or low-E glass. As you can imagine we are pretty stuck for choice. Then we found Hurd that makes wood-clad aluminum windows that meet all the requirements.

Edgar - a Contractor, 2010

Hurd or Peachtree

We're in the process of replacing thirty eight windows and while Marvin was my top choice, the price is just that little too much for us. In order to remain within my budget I have the choice of Hurd or Peachtree and want to know which of these is the better choice.

Fred - a Homeowner, 2010

Homeowner Complaint Against Hurd

I am so disappointed that I have seventeen Hurd double hungs in my home. The day to replace them can't come quick enough, the sills are rotting on the outside and fell apart when I tried repairing them. The other side of my house has sixty year old Andersen windows which look as though they have just been installed, such good quality.

Wayne - a Homeowner, 2011

Low End Producer

It's important to realize that Hurd is a low end wood window and I am amazing they are being compared to good brands such as Eagle, Kolbe and Marvin windows. The other brands will offer fewer problems and last a lot longer.

Brian - a Contractor, 2012 Read more Kolbe windows reviews.

Andersen or Hurd

If you're choosing between Hurd and Andersen, Andersen wins hands down. I have seventeen Hurd windows on my house, the sills are rotten and they aren't at all durable. The oldest windows in my house are Andersens, they're sixty years old and are in good condition.

Jeffrey - a Homeowner, 2011

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