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Home Guard Windows Prices

Home Guard windows prices range from $500 to $600 for a typical double hung with standard installation. The company gets good marks for their entry level window and high marks for their Innovations series. Need pricing on your project, check our replacement cost calculator.

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HomeGuard HomeStar (Vinyl)

The HomeStar is their entry level vinyl window that uses a Rehau extrusion (they might be using a Deceuninck but we were unable to find out this information). The window is a mid grade, mid range priced window that does have some decent features to it. It uses a block and tackle balance system, shadow grooved welds, double weatherstripping, flush cam lock and a sloped sill.

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HomeGuard Innovations (Vinyl)

The Homeguard Innovations get high marks from many contractors and installers. It uses Sunshield vinyl, an extrusion from Deceuninck who make high quality extrusions for other companies such as Affinity windows. The Innovations combines the solid looks (millwork design) and features of many of the top models out there, think a combination of the Soft-Lite Elements and the Okna 800. Read more on Okna windows prices. Some of the main features include an insulated sash and rail, sash interlock, composite reinforcement on the sash rail, bottom sash magnetic weatherstripping, well made sloped sill, shadow grooved welds, non metal spacer from Duralite, triple weatherstripping and even sightlines. The window comes with a solid warranty that includes glass breakage (not sure how long).

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Home Guard Innovation Costs

Good afternoon, currently live in southeastern PA and was looking at possibly replacing 22 windows - received a quote for Home Guard Innovation windows and quote turns out to be 1539.13 per window - seems a bit high, but was looking for your expert impression given the higher cost of materials in recent months and pricing in this region...thanks in advance! Dave

Home Guard Innovation Con 100 $33,861.00

This is for new windows on house except for the front window over the front door and the basement hopper windows. The upstairs 2 bathroom windows will have tempered glass.

Home Guard Innovation replacement windows. Window details as following :
R65 Performance Grade.
.03 Air Infiltration.
Fully welded sash and frames.
Triple weatherstripping.
Full 7/8 insulated glass.
DR R35 Rating (143 MPH wind load).
LowE FFS Energy Saver Plus.
Double-3.0 MM Glass Strength.
High Performance Low-E Glass.
Foam filled.
Low Profile Double Locks.
Magnetic Sealer
Stainless Warm Edge Spacer.
Head Expander.
Sill Extender V1435.
.25 UFactor.

David - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, the bid seems high to me as well. The Home Guard Innovation is a good performer, but $1500 plus strikes me as too much. I would continue to shop around and I'll email you a list.
[List Redacted -- contact me directly (John) for my window list.]

John - Site Editor - from 2021

Home Guard Windows Cost

Hi, I was all set to buy Great Lakes replacement windows ? their series that has the foam insulation in the body of the frame??..

Then the sales guy came out last night and wanted me to switch to Home Guard ? their series with the foam insulation. I understand that Great Lakes has three panes of glass and Home Guard has two. Sales guy says it only reduces glass R factor by 2 ? 3 numbers??..

I live in St Louis MO ? replacing two huge windows that are actually three windows each?? a top solid trapezoid and then two double hung that are side by side to make up a window that is 72 inches wide and 78 inched tall ( not including trapezoid)

The quote took my breath away $12,200 but $9800 if I bought this month.

Any advice? I am kind of overwhelmed with anxiety ? it?s a lot of money

Thank you for any guidance you can give.

Reba - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Reba, these "specialty projects" or unique configurations are going to be all over the board in terms of price (usually). I always advise at least a few bids in these cases for a few reasons. One, lots of price disparity. Two, great to see different configuration options that may be out there. Three, some companies might be more construction savvy and their work might be better with tough installations.

Great Lakes and Home Guard are in general on par with one another. It would really depend on the series you went with. Home Guard is part of the Earthwise manufacturing group and honestly their series and products confuse me a bit so it?s tough to say what you are being offered. In general, foam insulation helps some with energy efficiency, but a bit more with overall strength. It?s a nice upgrade, but rarely a make or break for me.

Here is my good and great list in case you want to expand your search because even $9800 seems ridiculous to me. (Perhaps it isn?t but additional bids will reveal this information.)

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2020

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Home Guard Innovation Vinyl Windows

Tim what do you think about Home Guard Inovation vinyl replacement windows. I looked at them and they seem to be well constructed. They have some nice features. The quote I got was $5,150.00 to replace 8 windows. Reggie

Reggie - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Reggie, they are part of the Earthwise group that makes a quality window. From what I know, you should be well served by this window. Now, what is the reputation of the company/branch doing the actual install? If the answer to this is "very solid," then I think you have a winner!

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2021

Innovations by Home Guard Prices

Hello Dane, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have had a few window replacement quotes and the below 3 windows seem to be a good window and would like your honest opinion.

All 3 quotes are for 21 double hung windows

OKNA 500 with Deluxe Window Package - $14,500

Berkshire Elite with Max Double Pane Package - $14,191

Innovations by Home Guard - $19,939 - Which is way to high for my pocket book

I tossed out the Renewal by Anderson, Bee Window, and the Alside model (Revelation Elite) which is what LEI Home Enhancements said they sale and install.

I'm leaning toward the OKNA 500 because based on reviews they seem to be a little higher of a mid grade window than most and are a good value for the quote at $690 a window installed.

What is your opinion?

Johnny - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Johnny, the Okna 500 is such a better window than the Alside Mezzo. The 500 series is a top tier vinyl window, while the Mezzo is a mid range vinyl window. Usually I see the Mezzo priced out around $450 to $500 a window, while the Okna price you have is about what I'd expect. Great window, solid price! Okna all the way...

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2021

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