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Wincore Windows Price List

Wincore Windows Prices

Discover Wincore Windows price list on many of their most popular series, including the 400, 5400, 7700, 8400, and 8700 windows and doors. Find product information and performance numbers as well. For brand information and reviews, check out all of our Wincore Windows reviews.

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Last Updated: March 6, 2024

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Wincore Windows Price List | 5400 Series

The Wincore 5400 is considered a middle of the road vinyl window. It has the following performance numbers - U factor 0.29, SHGC 0.20. While it is difficult to provide pricing for projects due to the number of factors that go into the equation, a normal sized double hung 5400 series with standard installed should run you $300 to $400 per window. These are comparable to the Ply Gem Premium Series. Explore Ply Gem windows prices here.

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Wincore 5400 Series

15 Sliders
Dimensions: Standard / Medium
Price: $620
Included All
Location: Ohio
Project Bid From 2020.

Wincore Windows Price List | 7700 Series

The 7700 series is the premium viny window from Wincore, based out of West Virginia. I think the 7700 is a good buy given the right price point. A very solid mid range vinyl window.

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7700 Series

15 Single Hungs
Dimensions: Standard
Cost Quote: $11.6k
Included All Project Aspects
Location: Baton Rouge La
Bid From: 2023

Wincore Windows Cost (7700 Series)

8 DHs And Sliders
Sizes: Standard
Quote: $13K
Included Everything
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Project from 2023

Wincore 7700 Series

9 Double Hungs, 1 Slider
Size: Varied, Standard
Cost: $10.4K
Included Everything
Area: Delaware
Project Bid From 2022

7700 Series

9 Double-Hungs / 1 Slider
Dimensions: All Over The Board
Price Quote: $10.4K
Included Everything
State: Pennsylvania
Project Bid from 2022

7700 Series

1 Patio Door, 14 Windows
Sizes: Varied, but mainly 48x52
Included All
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Project Pricing Quote from 2022

Wincore Windows Price List | 8800 Series

The 8800 Series is an impact window that is considered a good quality option.

Impact Windows Cost Calculator

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Wincore 8800 series

Size: Standard
Estimate: $14.5k
Included Installation
State: Panhandle, FL
Project Year: 2024

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