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Wincore Window Reviews

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Browse our Wincore window reviews reviews from homeowners and our editor on the 5400, 7700, and 8700 window series.

Company Basics: Wincore is a smaller regional window company out of West Virginia that was formed by several former Simonton engineers who felt that Simonton Windows was too large an operation to provide excellent quality and customer care. Most contractors put the quality of Wincore on par with Simonton, but without the backing of a nationwide company such as Simonton. Wincore is still too young a company to really tell how they stack up to their behemoth of a cousin.

Industry Reputation: Wincore isn't well known to most consumers because they don't have the marketing department of a major company like a Jeld Wen or a Silverline. They do make a very solid vinyl window at an affordable price, which instantly puts them head and shoulders above the hundreds of shoddy manufacturers out there that slap vinyl windows together and sell them to unsuspecting consumers.

Bottom Line: Consumers should definitely take a look at Wincore, but as always we would suggest a couple more bids from other companies to make sure the price point and installation costs are priced competitively.

Wincore Windows Prices

Tom - HWRC Editor - Last Updated: January 2, 2024

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Wincore Windows Reviews | 5400 Series

The 5400 series is their entry level vinyl window that will deliver a U factor of 0.29 and SHGC of 0.20 with a low-e glass and argon fill. The window uses a 3/4" spacing between the window panes and has one vent latch. The frame is a little bulkier than your average vinyl window and you can choose from three interior colors, but only white on the outside. The 5400 series is probably on par with Ply Gem Premium series windows in terms of cost and performance.

Tom - HWRC Editor

Replacement Windows In Texas

I am in the process of replacing windows in my home but it's such a tough choice with so many options. There are Pella, Simonton, NT Window, Anderson, Wincore, Champion, Silverline, Comfort World, HomeCraftsman, Lincoln, Builders Fir Choice, Champion and Jeldwen. I haven't heard good reviews on Andersen but without spending too much money I want quality windows and really don't know which ones I should be considering and which should be scratched off my list.

Terry - Homeowner - 2019

[Contractor Reply]

There are only a handful of windows you should be considering and that I would recommend for Texas. Simonton and NT Window are both really good for your area. I don't know Wincore and the rest of the windows you mentioned don't offer good quality windows. Where you are located will also play an important role in your decision on whether you need impact windows or not. Look at Gorell or Simonton if you are looking for good impact windows.

Jeremy - Contractor - 2017

Wincore vs Simonton Windows

How do Wincore windows compare to Simonton? Does anyone have experience with these? I would appreciate any opinions before I make my decision.

Chad - Homeowner - 2016

[Contractor Reply]

Based on personal experience, I would say these two are very similar, they are built and designed by the same people, so they are almost identical. Both offer good solid designs and performance. I don't think you can go wrong with Wincore, but Simonton does have aome newer lines available which are quite nice looking and something you should take a look at before making your decision

Eric - Contractor - 2016

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Wincore Windows Reviews | 7700 Series

The Wincore 7700 window is their upgraded model with a Veka extrusion and a slightly deeper frame than the 5400 series. The 7700 is a nicely designed and engineered vinyl window that includes 2 vent latches instead of the single on the 5400. The 7700 also comes in more color options, 7 exterior colors and 3 interior color selections. The window will run 20% more than the 5400 model and is probably a good investment depending on the price bid. The 7700 series is probably on par with the Simonton Reflections 5500 series in terms of cost and performance.

Tom - HWRC Editor

Wincore Windows Prices

Tom, I would appreciate your comments about the quotes that I received. I had an unusual circumstance (in my opinion) happen with one installer. I included comments when I thought appropriate. Sorry, for the long email. These quotes are for 19 windows, which includes 1 picture window.

--Zen Windows--not available in West Tennessee, that I found. I contacted Zen Windows of Nashville, but they said that they would end up spending at least one night over to install the windows and of course, they would have to charge me those expenses.

--Wincore Windows -- $16,640.00 for the 7700 Series. There is only one installer in this area for Wincore that I could find. I got the installer's name from a rep for Wincore. This same installer also installs Atrium 8300 series and Simonton 7700. I was interested in getting a price for both of these, but the installer told me that because I was referred by a Wincore rep, he could only quote Wincore to me. This installer did not tell me this until after he had already said he would quote both Atrium and Simonton.

The installer told me previously that he had stopped installing Wincore windows anymore because right now, he said that Wincore was having "issues/problems". I tried to find information on the internet about this, and the reviews and articles that I read do seem to indicate some issues at Wincore, even if the issues come out as problems with the manufacturing of their windows. Have you ever had an installer tell you that he could not quote other brands of windows if you were referred by a sales rep of a particular company?

I was also told by this installer that the Atrium 8300 series is the same as the Atrium 3000 Extreme series. I was curious about this since I found that the Atrium 8300 series is described as an entry level window in the articles that I read.

--Sunrise Windows. I only found one installer in west TN. Based on internet comments, I do not want to use this installer, so I did not get a quote.

--Apex Insignia Vinyl window. Not available in West TN, that I found.

--Softlite Windows--Not available in West TN, that I found.

--Okna Windows--Unknown. I called the corporate office and left a msg about installers in my area, but rep never returned my phone msg, but I don't think they are available in West TN.

--Atrium Extreme 3000 Series. $13,922.00 (local business)

--Atrium Extreme 3000 Series. $14,410.00 (different installer, construction company)

--Pro VIa Aspect. $11,774.00.

--Pro Via Endure. $12,420.00 (same installer as Aspect series.)

--Quaker Windows AdvantEdge E4. $12,879.00. I found mostly negative reviews for these windows. New company in window business?

Due to my concern about installation, I did not contact my local Home Depot, or Lowe's.

Rhonda - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rhonda, I have heard of some installers not bidding out a certain window if referred by someone who carries a certain brand, but it's more of a case by case basis. Most times, installers want the business so they will give you a quote on whatever products they carry. Apparently not in this case.

None of that matters though because you have the best window in the Pro Via Endure at a price that is lower than Atrium, Wincore, and Quaker.

The ProVia Aspect is a great window, but the Endure is better and the upgrade cost is minimal -- this is a no brainer for me --

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2023

Vytex or Wincore

I really like the Vytex windows and feel they are a better choice than the Wincore, which can't be considered a bad window either. I wouldn't recommend any windows where price is based on the dealers company rather than the quality of the window. Quality and service are so important when buying windows and you don't want to end up dealing with a sales orientated business which won't stand behind their product. Watch out for the "buy today" sales talk in order to get your order.

Simon - Contractor - 2015

Sears Wincore Windows

I am trying to find out from anyone who has experience with Wincore windows and if you are happy with them whether you got them at Sears or through another installer.

Nigel - Homeowner - 2014

[Contractor Reply]

Sears is a company that is reputable, which is why so many people feel comfortable using them. You will probably get a good install done, it will be more than adequate though it may not be the best. Find out from local contractors on their installation prices you may find you'll be charged less for installation but have a better job done. I would also suggest you shop around, Simonton and Okna are better than Wincore. Don't get me wrong, Wincore is a good window but you can get better at a more affordable price if you take the time to shop around.

Jason - Contractor - 2011

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[Second Contractor Reply]

Watch out because Sears tends to be a more expensive on their windows and they are known for their higher prices. Wincore on the other hand are good windows and I have installed them for numerous clients and never had any problems or problems with the warranty. The other names which were suggested are probably also available in your area and it is worth having a look at them before you make your decision.

Edgar - Contractor - 2013

Wincore Windows 7700

I just spend some time with a salesman who came to show me the Wincore windows. I had a look at the 5400 and 7700 series, the 7700 was about twenty percent more expensive. The 7700 has a wider frame and more space between the panes of glass. How will this affect the performance? One thing I did notice was the 5400 double hungs only had one vent latch while the 7700 has one on either side.

Bill - Homeowner - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

The 7700 series is the upgraded model that includes some bells and whistles that you won't find on the 5400 series. The frame is better made as well and will offer better overall ratings for your home. I would say it's worth the extra money to go with the 7700, it will pay for itself over the life of the window.

Edgar - Contractor - 2011

Wincore or Simonton

I can't really say if Wincore is as good as Simonton. When they first came out they gave us some of their windows and I thought they were very similar to the older lines, but I haven't seen them in a while now.

Sean - Contractor - 2009

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