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Wallside Windows Prices And Consumer Cost Quotes

Wallside Windows Prices

Discover Wallside windows prices and consumer cost quotes (updated in 2024) on the company's vinyl windows and doors.

Wallside Windows Cost
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Wallside Windows And Doors

Wallside is based out of Michigan and sells their windows throughout the state and in several of the surrounding states as well. The company manufactures their own line of windows, similarly to a company like Champion and does all of the installation as well (similarly to Renewal By Andersen, although at a much lower per window price.)

The company manufactures a pretty basic vinyl window that is similar in quality to say Alside Windows. Their basic teaser window is probably not going to offer solid long term value. Consumers would have to upgrade to a better glass package and perhaps foam fills and a sash reinforcement to get performance numbers that are going to provide you with long term value.

Wallside Windows Reviews

Replacement Windows Bid 2024

18 Double Hungs, 1 Picture Window
Quote: $17.9K
Included Installation And Disposal
Location: Michigan
Project Year: 2024

2023 Price Quote

3 Single Hungs
Size: Standard
Quote: $14.7K
Included All
Location: Michigan
Project Year: 2023

Wallside Windows Cost

Looking to swap out our windows here in our Michigan house. Mostly double-hungs, with one three-panel sliding window. Curious what you think of the following?
Renewal by Anderson Price: $43K (not in our range so please don't even bother)
Soft-Lite Elements: $25.9K
Sunrise Platinum LS (triple pane): $24.2K
Sunrise Restoration: $23.7K
Pella 350: $19.3K

Wall-side $18.2K

Carla - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hey there Carla. If you plan to be in the home less than 8 years, I would simply go with the Wallside option. Above this time frame and I think it's worth the investment in a high quality series. The first three all fit that bill -- personally I would go with the Elements since it's not THAT much more than the Restorations.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2023

Wallside Pricing In Michigan

Hi Tom, circling back on my project. I tried to get into your quote link but couldn't get into Outlook. So here's where I wound up:

Project scope:

7 - 40 x 44.5 double hungs (bedroom/closets), 7 - 21.5 x 56.5 double hungs (bow & dining room), 3 - 32 x 37 double hungs (kitchen & bathroom), 2 - 36 x 45 garage openings, 1 - 71 x 80 patio door (glass slider), 1 - 106 X 80 patio door (glass slider), 1 - 36 x x 80 fire rated steel door from garage into house (no glass), and 1 - 69 x 82 steel main entry door including two full length side lights with privacy glass and storm door

Company 1 - Local construction company selling a Soft Lite Imperial Elite private label brand. They gave me a "today only" price of $34k and does not include any doors. They've given me nothing in writing and not contacted me since. I have the impression they do not want the business. There are no other Soft Lite dealers in this area.

Company 2 - Local construction company is a Provia Platinum dealer and highly rated. While not pushy, they were promoting ProVia Endure triple pane products and offering it at the same price level as a double pane. Since neither the double or triple pane windows meet NFRC Most Efficient ratings, and considering our area (West Michigan), overhanging roof, and temperature.

I specified Endure DLA glass for all areas except the two garage windows which I had Aspect windows quoted. Looked at your page on Wallside Windows Prices - and this helped put the cost in perspective. I want to keep a reasonable U factor while maximizing SGHC and light visibility. The garage does not need anything except light. The final price breakdown was roughly as follows:

Windows/Sliders- $25,302
Garage entry $2,273
Front & storm door - $7,425

Company 3 - Local company selling Wallside Windows. The final price for the same model was about $3,000 less than Company 2 and broke down roughly as follows:

Windows/Sliders - $23,909
Garage entry $1,522
Front & storm door - $5,136

Company 4 - Local construction company with Provia training but not a Platinum Dealer, and highly rated. They came to the house two weeks ago and were talking full frame replacement as well as just replacements. I asked for a quote for both. A quote was promised by last Wednesday, then Friday (after I had to call them). I still don't have it nor have they contacted me. I think that speaks volume about the company and if they ever wind up sending me the numbers I will not work with them.

Dave - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dave, I would absolutely go with Company number 2 with the ProVia Endure. I find it hard to believe that the Endure doesn't meet EVERY efficiency rating -- it's an incredibly well built window. I think this is your best bet based on the project specifics you provided.

Tom - Website Editor - from 2023

Wallside vs Castle

I'm about to redo my house and my current window openings are old and drafty. I have four options and window prices listed.

Champion Window Price: $17K
Wallside Window Price: $12K
Okna Window Price: $17.6K
Castle Window Price: $14.2K

Kathy - Homeowner - 2023

Wallside Windows Prices

We have been collecting bids and have three that we are considering. We need to replace 17 "units" (LOL that's what the rep who was giving us the quote referred to them as...maybe that's normal).

Pella 250 Window Cost: $15,800
Vinylmax Franklin Cost: $11,900
Wallside Series Bid: $8500

Chris - Homeowner - 2020

[Editor's Reply]

Chris, for me the Pella 250 bid is just way out of line. The Vinylmax Franklin bid is decent, but that window is not much better than the Wallside. I think the $8500 bid is a good value.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2020

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