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Andersen Window Reviews

Browse our Andersen window reviews directly from homeowners, installers and contractors. Learn what you need to know about the popular models. Visit our Andersen windows prices for additional cost information.

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Satisfied Homeowner

I have Andersen windows and am really happy with them. I've had them for years and haven't experienced any problems even though I have read and heard a lot of bad reviews about these windows. Mine look fantastic and don't have any leaks.

Leigh - Homeowner from Oregon - 2009

Andersen 400 or Woodwright

When it came to installing windows in my home I did extensive research into the Andersen Woodwright and 400 series. These windows both offer the safe features and quality, the only difference is the price with the Woodwright being a more affordable option, which helped me decide which was best for my home. The comparisons came out as follows, the Andersen 400 was available in a full frame or built to fit frame, they have a difficult tilt, but at the same time are visually appealing. The Woodwrights on the other hand were visually appealing, have a tilt wash feature, are more expensive, but are available as an insert or replacement window.

Andrew - Homeowner - 2009

Complaint about Andersen Windows

Let me start by staying I would not recommend Andersen windows or doors. After spending over $20,000 on Andersen windows and doors, I have found the screens to be faulty, they don't fit into the frames properly and one of the doors even have a split in the wood. These were ordered in the spring and with delayed delivery they arrived in August. Being in Phoenix I waited until October to install them, once the weather had cooled down.

I have found the customer services department anything but helpful and they are refusing to help me, claiming it has been over ninety days and that it's my fault I waited so long to install them. Their recommendation is to fill in the split and paint over it for the door problem and for the screens I have been told to dismantle it and using the factory specifications, I must put it together myself. As for the warranty, don't get me started. The installer will charge me to do any repairs and the rep from Andersen isn't at all interested in the problem.

Dominic - Homeowner from Arizona - 2010

Andersen 100 Series

Being an installer I have had experience with the Andersen windows, especially the Andersen 100 series. I find they aren't as good as some of the cheaper vinyl windows on the market and they are overpriced for what you get. They do have one advantage and that is you can paint them easily. Bear in mind that the Andersen windows are wood and fiberglass, so if you're looking for a good replacement window I would suggest you find a good vinyl window.

Steve - Window Installer - 2010

American Craftsman Poor Quality & Design

American Craftsman is under the Anderson windows ownership. Out of all the windows available out there, this is probably the poorest quality option. Even if you're on a tight budget and are hoping to find a cheap window, I would pass these up due to the lack of high quality. If you are willing to sacrifice quality for lower price, though, then these are made for you. The design, though, is bad and fits the bare minimum of requirements. They tend to leak and are often drafty. It's made with a cheap vinyl extrusion, making it more susceptible to leaks over time. And, even if that doesn't get you the overall look is bad and cheap.

Roger - Installer - 2010 Read additional American Craftsman windows reviews.

Andersen Pocket Inserts

I have good comments on the Andersen pocket inserts after just completing a large job using these windows. They were so easy to install and I really enjoyed working with them. They look good and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. To be honest some of their series are a little overpriced for what you get, but I cannot fault their pocket inserts.

Jeff - Window Installer - 2010

Vinyl Andersen Windows Reviews

Andersen was a household name when it came to windows, but these days' people use vinyl windows, especially in the replacement market. What you may not know is that their 400 Series is actually a wood clad window which looks like vinyl, in fact on the sash is vinyl wrapped. For this reason I would not recommend these windows, I doubt anyone would actually order them if the windows were on display in the stores.

Nicholas - a Contractor, 2011

Andersen or Hurd

If you're choosing between Hurd and Andersen, Andersen wins hands down. I have seventeen Hurd windows on my house, the sills are rotten and they aren't at all durable. The oldest windows in my house are Andersens, they're sixty years old and are in good condition.

Jeffrey - Homeowner - 2011

Comparing Andersen With Vinylmax & Sunrise

Someone suggested I try the Vinylmax Sherwood which is a wood and vinyl window, does anyone know anything about these windows? I started looking at the Sunrise and Simonton 5500, but am very torn so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Linda - Homeowner - 2011

[Contractor Reply]

Personally I don't recommend the Vinylmax windows, at least the Sherwood series - to me they seem likfe cheap windows with wood glued to them. They don't allow enough light because the frames are so bulky. Consider the Andersen Woodwright range, they also come with a wood interior and vinyl exterior, but are a higher quality window. There are a wide range of vinyl windows with a wood interior to take into consideration including the Marvin range.

Rodney - Contractor - 2011 Read additional Vinylmax windows reviews.

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