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Contractor Recommended Windows

Find contractor recommended windows and products from industry savvy installers who have worked with some of the top companies for many years. Check pricing and costs.


"In my opinion Harvey is a decent choice, I have never had serious problems with them. I have always found CertainTeed to be a low quality product and very poor quality."

Jarred, an Installer, 2010

Best Manufactures on the West Coast

"Ranking the best window companies on the West Coast I would have to go with Anlin, Amerimax, Milgard and Simonton. All four of these windows offer great features and are top quality. I always suggest customers obtain a number of estimates before making a decision. I would choose Milgard over Anlin is that they are not a large company and you want peace of mind that they will be around to honor their warranty in a few years."

2010, - Douglas an installer

Okna Starmark

"When it comes to casement windows you cannot beat the Okna Starmark. I have a number of reasons including the fact that they use superior materials with hardware screws. I cannot mention how many times I have seen casements with loose screws.

The screens offer high visibility and they are held in place with fasteners which look good with the windows. They have three layers of Q-Lon weatherstripping. The best is that the wood finish which is available as an option doesn't rot and you can match it to the other wood in your home. Another advantage of the Starmark is that their casements have tandem rollers located on the sill, so the sash closes with ease. This also prevents sagging in the future.

The multi-point locking hardware is a great choice which uses one latch to secure the window while the grids available offer a fantastic choice for older homes aiming for that historical finish."

2013 - Will a contractor

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"I need some advice on estimates I currently needed for twenty one windows complete with caps, grids, etc. The quotes I received are on the Harvey Classics which came in at $550 each, the HiMarks DX400 at $585, the HiMark DX800 at $630 and the Simonton 5500 at $500. This is a lot of money to invest in windows and I want to ensure I make the right choice."

2010 - Simon a homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

"You have a great selection but personally I would choose the HiMark 800, they are better than the 400 and a quality window over the others you have estimates on. They offer great energy efficiency, the have superior design, quality and appearance. The Simontons are also good and superior over the Harveys. If you're only going to be in your home for a short period choose the Simontons, but for the long haul I would definitely recommend the HiMark 800."

2010 - Paul a contractor

Vytex Endorsement

"We installed Vytex awnings and casements using Hallmark a few years ago. Overall I must say I am impressed, our utility bill has reduced with our single pane windows. We have had some problems with the cranks which stick from time to time and I wouldn't say they are the smoothest windows in the world. Only one seal has broken out of all the windows and I have been offered a free replacement, I only have to pay the $175 for labor.

I can only sing the praise of the installers who installed our Vytex windows through Hallmark. I had thirty six windows replaced costing around $14,576, that's about $404 for each window. I had quotes from Thompson Creek which came in at $49,564 and then offered a discount for three referrals, what a joke. I am happy with the Vytex windows and wouldn't hesitate recommending them."

Cindy - Homeowner - from 2010


"I think the Vinylmax Easton is a better quality window to the Simonton 5050 choice. The only problem is the Vinylmax comes with less options. That being said they have a triple pane which dramatically improves performances over the double panes by about forty percent. Vinylmax is a family business and are growing constantly. They only do replacement windows and concentrate on that to offer you quality. Recently I put a Hyde Park window into a family member's property and it is great. They offer great R-values and low air infiltration numbers."

Max - Contractor - 2012

Wincore Or Vytex

I really like the Vytex windows and feel they are a better choice than the Wincore, which can't be considered a bad window either. I wouldn't recommend any windows where price is based on the dealers company rather than the quality of the window. Quality and service are so important when buying windows and you don't want to end up dealing with a sales orientated business which won't stand behind their product. Watch out for the "buy today" sales talk in order to get your order.

2012 - Simon a Contractor

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