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PGT Window Reviews

Explore these PGT window reviews from contractors, homeowners and other industry experts who know the pros and cons of these windows, their customer service and more. Find more on PGT windows prices.

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PGT2300 or Gorell 5500

I am in the process of replacing my vinyl windows and think I have looked at so many I have confused myself completely. After looking at many quotes, I have narrowed down my choice to the PGT 2300 and the Gorell 5500. My problem is I cannot decide between the two and have no idea which is the better choice in the long run. The installers have good reputations in the area and both windows seem like a good and sturdy window. Though the Gorell is more expensive, about thirty percent, but I want to ensure the windows I choose have the warranty, e-rating and durability I need as I intend living in this property for many more years.

Terence - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

If price is a deciding factor and with such a large difference in price, I would suggest you go with the PGT. The PGT is a good product and I have had plenty of experience with them, in fact I sell more PGT than Simontons windows. A recent job I completed was over thirty PGT windows and we didn't have one single problem. A previous job we had a small problem with a few scratches and they were replaced quickly and effectively. Overall PGT are great windows, they are a reliable company, their prices are excellent, the only problem is their performance numbers are not the best.

Shaun - Contractor - from 2010

[Second Response]

I haven't had the opportunity to work with PGT windows, but I do have a lot of experience with the Gorells. I would recommend the Gorells to any customer, but when it comes to price, thirty percent is a big difference to overlook.

Brian - Contractor - from 2010

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PGT Contractor Review

Speaking to many contractors they all regard PGT as a quality window and would choose these over Silverline any day. If your heart is set on Silverline or you cannot get PGT in your area, go with the Silverline 9500 series.

Jonathan - Contractor - from 2010

Instllaer Review

I sell a lot of PGT windows. They are strong and durable and come with good AI numbers. PGT is Florida based and overall I've never had any problems with these windows. They come with re-enforced meeting rails, strong extrusions and meeting rail lockers which are full length. Overall I would recommend these windows to any of my customers without hesitation.

Ben - Contractor - from 2010

PGT vs Champion

I have had a lot of experience with PGT windows when I worked in Florida. The ones I worked with was their aluminum windows, though I believe they have a good vinyl range. I found the Pella Thermastar a little disappointing in terms of warranty, there were just so many exclusions associated with the window. These days I have been working with a lot of Champion windows and I would recommend them to anyone. They come with a fantastic warranty and while a little pricy, around $620 each, they are visually appealing with good performance numbers. The Champions come with a U-Factor of .28 and a SHGC of .19 to 2.1. IF price is a deciding factor then I would recommend the PGT windows.

Andrew - Contractor - from 2010

PGT vs. SilverLine

I have always considered the PGT a better window than the Silverline. When looking at the PGT Spectra Guard window, it's far better than the 8500 and 9500 series from Silverline.The PGT Spectra Guard has good performance numbers and a sturdy extrusion. I found dealing with Silverline, the windows arrived wrong with the sashes badly assembled. I think I had to return about three out of every ten windows. As you can imagine I don't sell Silverline at all anymore. Going back to the PGT, I find they have an improved lift system, making them easy to replace and remove when it comes to cleaning. They are visually appealing and I recommend them to all my customers without hesitation and they are always thrilled with the outcome.

Barry - Contractor - from 2010

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