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Silverline Window Reviews

Browse Silverline window reviews from installers and consumers to determine if their models, series, prices and customer service fit your needs. See more on Silverline windows prices.

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Silverline vs. American Craftsman & Atrium

Jeld-Wen and the American Craftsman 8500 have never been my favorite. The quality is just lacking there. If you are going to go with a Home Depot AC window, then I would choose the Silverline 9500 over the AC 8500. Atrium windows are also an okay choice if they are available. The Atrium 3000 line offers a lifetime warranty with an additional warranty for glass breakage, plus it happens to be a decent window line. Simonton is a good choice as well, though you can expect it to be significantly more expensive.

Trevor - Builder - 2009

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Silverline 9500 Series or Alside

Which one does everyone prefer: the Silverline 9500 series or the Excalibur? I'm looking to replace my windows, and I want some opinions on it. Are there any other series that I should consider?

Waldo - Past Customer - 2010

[Response to Question]

This depends mainly on your situation. Your two choices are fine if you plan on just flipping or renting out, but there are better options out there if you one something you can live with. There's Softlite, Oknas, Gorell, Sunrise, Simonton, PGT or Great Lakes windows. You could do a lot better with one of those. If you have reasons for choosing between those two, though, I would go with the 9500 over the Excalibur.

Jim - Installer - 2010

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SilverLine vs PGT

I have always considered the PGT a better window than the Silverline. When looking at the PGT Spectra Guard window, it's far better than the 8500 and 9500 series from Silverline.The PGT Spectra Guard has good performance numbers and a sturdy extrusion. I found dealing with Silverline, the windows arrived wrong with the sashes badly assembled. I think I had to return about three out of every ten windows. As you can imagine I don't sell Silverlines at all anymore. Going back to the PGT, I find they have an improved lift system, making them easy to replace and remove when it comes to cleaning. They are visually appealing and I recommend them to all my customers without hesitation and they are always thrilled with the outcome.

Barry - Contractor - from 2010

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