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Window Articles

Read window articles on pricing, contractors, installation, recommended windows and brands and much more. If you would like us to add an article on a particular subject, email us and let us know what you're looking for and we will do our best to add it in.

Project Calculator

Use our replacement window cost estimator to find project pricing and quality estimates. Enter your project information in the fields below and click the Check Prices button for instant project pricing on your next window replacement job!

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Installation Costs

Window installation prices can be a tricky subject; there are different installation methods and requirements based on the overall condition of the window opening.

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Contractor Recommended Windows

Find contractor recommended windows and products from industry savvy installers who have worked with some of the top companies for many years.

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Recommendations From Consumer Reports

Each year, Consumer Reports gives their recommendations and ratings on replacements that consumers can find at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Find out how these particular windows fared.

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5 Steps To Great Windows And Contractors

Replacement windows are not a commodity, their prices aren't set by global demand. Contractors are free to bid out a project anyway they see fit, which isn't always the best deal for the consumer (although for the right consumer it can be turned to their advantage).

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Best Low Cost Windows

Low cost windows range from $200 to $350 installed per window. These will almost always be builder grade windows, essentially lower quality construction than a mid range or high end option. While low cost windows are often appealing for consumers, they may not be the cheapest long term option.

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Best Standard Priced Windows

The average cost of replacement windows ranges from $400 to $700 installed per window. We will go through what we consider to be the best mid range replacement windows in this price range, both at the lower end and the upper end.

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Best High Priced Windows

High end replacement windows ranges from $750 to $1500 installed per window (there are windows that are even more expensive than this but we won't go into these). We will go through what we consider to be the best high end replacement windows in this price range, both at the lower end and the upper end.

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Top Rated Products

Find top rated replacement window models and brands from contractors and other industry professionals.

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General Advice

Read five pieces of advice that can go a long way to making the right decision when it comes to replacing your home windows. Topics include Get Some Estimates On Your Project, Don't Sign Anything (Just Yet), Confirm That The Prices & Details Make Sense, Due Diligence On The Installer and Take A Couple Of Days & Then Decide.

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Getting Estimates

Replacement estimates are extremely important for the consumer. Having lots of options, companies and brands to choose from puts you in the driver's seat. Estimates are an excellent way to learn more about your project details. After two or three estimates, you will probably know the type of installation you will need as well as the project cost.

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We will compare replacement windows by matching each frame material against the other (sort of a UFC format if this makes it more exciting for you). One way to use this information is to rank what is most important for you and your project and then see what frame seems to come out on top.

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Performance Ratings

Ratings provide important metrics and numbers that can be used to compare different brands, models etc. We will go through each of the four main rating factors and explain what you should look for when shopping and purchasing replacements for your home.

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New Construction vs Replacements

There is always quite a bit of confusion over new construction vs replacements. In terms of the windows themselves, there is very little difference between the two. In terms of installation, there is quite a bit of difference. We will break down both parts of this equation and give you prices for each.

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Best Aluminum Models

Check out these three selections when it comes to the best aluminum models and series that range in price from $550 to $1050 installed.

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Best Composite Models

Check out these three selections when it comes to the best composite windows that range in price from $550 to $1050 installed.

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Best Fiberglass Models

We've put together four of the best fiberglass replacement windows currently available. Find product descriptions, contractor opinions and pricing, which ranges from $550 to $800 installed.

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Best Storm Models

Explore some of the impact frames and brands that are currently available that range in price from $550 to $1400 installed. Get product analysis and additional cost information.

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Best Wood Clad Series

Discover our top picks for the best wood clad series on the market. The selection vary in price from $525 installed to $1800 per opening installed.

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Best Vinyl Replacements

Vinyl is the most popular material in the replacement market - over half of all residential projects go with a vinyl window. The material makes for a well insulated, cost effective solution that offers plenty of options, colors and finishes. Here are six of our top picks when it comes to best vinyl series.

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