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Top Rated Replacement Windows

Explore our selection of top rated replacement windows for wood clad, fiberglass, aluminum, composite and vinyl window frame. Our website has NO affiliation with any window manufacturers - our picks are based on opinions from contractors, installers, homeowners and industry expert opinions. For project pricing information, see our product cost estimator.

Best Wood Clad Window

The Marvin Ultimate is a high end custom wood window line that is regarded by many installers as one of the best wood window options on the market. The windows themselves are extremely nice look and homeowners can select from Douglas Fir, Pine, Cherry, Mahogany and White Oak. Each window can be customized and upgraded so the price below could go well above the $1000 mark with some nice upgrades.

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Honorable Mention Wood Clad

The Andersen 400 Series is a vinyl clad wood window that is available in two models; the Woodwright and the Tilt-Wash. The Tilt-Wash uses the same PPG Flexicron finish on the sash, but has a better sill design than the 200 version. The Woodwright uses the same sill and frame that's on the Tilt Wash, but uses their fibrex finish on the sash, considered a much better feature than the PPG Flexicron option. The Woodwright is only available in a limited numbers of colors. Many contractors put the 400 Woodwright at the top of the list of Andersen products.

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Best Fiberglass Window

The Marvin Infinity has an Ultrex fiberglass frame that comes as either a full Ultrex or as an exterior Ultrex with an Everwood interior (this is a wood veneer that looks very similar to wood, without any of the maintenance). The Infinity is a replacement window, although it is probably available as a full frame replacement given some customization. The Infinity is more expensive than the Integrity and has a thicker frame, some better "bells and whistles", a better finish to the frame and a better warranty (lifetime on everything except the glass, which is 20 years). The performance numbers on the Infinity are quite good (but not great); U-factor of 0.30. The Infinity is the better window and if you can afford it and don't have to have wood, this is a top-of-the-line window. Compare to Serious 500 Series.

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Honorable Mention Fiberglass Window

The Milgard Ultra is often considered a second choice behind the Marvin Infinity or Integrity. (More on Marvin windows prices.) The Ultra lacks the the fantastic look of the Infinity Everwood, which is their wood veneer interior. One positive of the Ultra is a real wood interior option (just as the Integrity is available in the wood interior). The company offers a nice warranty on their products. If the Marvin products are out of your price range and you are married to fiberglass, the Ultra is a decent choice.

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Best Composite Window

The Okna Starmark is a composite frame that is a bit thicker than most, although it has pretty nice sitelines. There are installers who feel that the frame's bulkiness takes away from the viewable glass area. When composite frames are discussed by industry insiders and contractors, the Starmark is always mentioned as one of the best high end replacement windows.

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Honorable Mention Composite Window

The Andersen 100 Series is a fibrex composite frame, which is a mix of wood sawdust and extruded PVC. It is considered a high end builder grade composite window that was produced to capture the composite frame market and to compete with vinyl windows. It was released in 2010 and sold in the Southwest before slowly being released to other markets. It can be used as a replacement or for new construction (in this case a nailing flange would be attached). The lower sash is slightly wider than the upper sash. Most pros think the 100 Series is a solid performer that looks very good. The issue for lots of contractors is that it is a good window sold at a great window price. It is available in custom sizes and colors.

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Best Vinyl Window #1

The Soft-Lite Elements comes standard with a non-metal Super Spacer called the Edgetech which is an optional upgrade on the LS and costs about $20 (and well worth it). The Elements double hung also has a tilt and locking mechanism that work together so if you reverse the lock you are able to tilt the sashes. The frame uses a bead & cove design that most industry insiders think provide a better look when close up (although not noticeable at distance). It also comes standard with accidental glass breakage and the Better View Screen, whereas these are both optional upgrades on the LS. The Elements has excellent performance numbers with a U-factor of 0.19, an Air Infiltration of 0.02 and a DP70 rating.

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Best Vinyl Window #2

The HiMark 800 Series is considered by many contractors to be the best vinyl windows out there - specifically the 800 DX. It is quite a nice looking window with a .080 frame thickness which means tons of strength and durability. It comes in a number of nice looking interior and exterior finishes and colors and has some awesome brass hardware available. It has a U-factor of 0.26 and an Air Infiltration of 0.01. By no means is it inexpensive, in fact it is one of the priciest vinyl windows on the market. Compare to the Sunrise Restorations.

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Honorable Mention Vinyl Window #1

The Sunrise Restorations is their premium and most expensive window that comes standard with a fibercore reinforced sash (both on the vertical sash and the meeting rail), the Max Edge spacer, a clever tilt sash lock mechanism, foam filled chambers and a high transparency screen. The window has a relatively narrow frame and sash, which gives it quite a nice overall look. It is one of the only vinyl products on the market that many homeowners and installers think looks a lot like a real wood window. The Restorations has a fantastic U-value of .28 and an air infiltration number around .04. A fair number of contractors and installers put this window in the top five vinyl windows on the market.

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Honorable Mention Vinyl Window #2

The Polaris UltraWeld is a well built window unit in both its design and energy efficiency. The company uses a stronger outer wall for the UltraWeld (with an optional foam fill in the main chamber) and has a U-value of around 0.29 and a very impressive AI number (.01). Compare this to a top performer like the Sunrise Restorations with a .28 U-value and an AI of .04 and you see why pros give this window its due. It has a number of very nice features and upgrades, including a stainless steel spacer called the UltraCept. The window gets great reviews for both their casements as well as their bays and bows (which come with an interior composite wood that can be stained or painted).

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