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Replacement Window Cost Estimator

Use our free replacement window cost estimator ----->>>> located here to the right to find pricing and costs on your next window replacement project.

Estimating per window costs is tough - your project probably has 10 unique criteria that will affect how a contractor or local company will bid out the project. This is the main reason why we suggest that consumers get a few local contractor bids at the start - you will learn a ton about the companies, along with your project requirements and how contractors in your area bid out replacement windows.

How Manufacturers Price Out Windows

Most manufacturers price out window models by the lineal foot. So, for instance, a 18"w x 36"h window is priced out at roughly half of a 36"w x 72"h sized window. This is effectively the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price). However, most window manufacturers don't let consumers see these prices because they feel it undercuts their distributors and resellers (these resellers are free to price out the window and installation costs in any way they see fit.)

The manufacturer sets their msrp, but then offers a ton of upgrades that will of course add to the cost. This includes things such as low-e glass , argon or krypton gas fills, hardware, spacers, sash reinforcements, mainframe fills, screens, grids and more.

How Local Companies Price Out Windows

Local companies typically buy windows in bulk from manufacturers in much the same way as Nordstroms buys clothing from their suppliers. The local company will provide customers with free project quotes that includes installation and the cost of the window itself. Most local window companies sell several brands of windows such as Milgard, Jeld Wen and Marvin.

A few companies are actually franchises that tend to sell using ala carte pricing (see Window World prices and Renewal By Anderson costs for more details.) This price model starts with the very bare bones price of the window and adds on with each upgrade - it is effectively the same as the above model, but tends to be a bit more extreme in the "base price."

Vinyl Windows

Low End Models: $189 to $350 fully installed

Mid Range Series: $350 to $550 fully installed

Premium Windows: $550 to $750 fully installed

Wood Clad Windows

Low End Models: $350 to $550 fully installed

Mid Range Series: $550 to $800 fully installed

Premium Windows: $800 to $1,300 fully installed

Fiberglass Windows

Low End Models: $300 to $450 fully installed

Mid Range Series: $450 to $700 fully installed

Premium Windows: $700 to $1,000 fully installed

Window Glass Costs

They will also typically offer 3 or 4 glass packages that will each affect the per window cost as well. There will usually be a $50 to $125 upgrade cost to go from the standard window package to one of these better window packages. These upgrades will definitely help the window's overall U-factor, SHGC and air infiltration numbers.

Upgrade Costs

Manufacturers always start off with a window base price that includes standard features that always varies with the particular company. For instance, Window World's $189 window fully installed comes as a bare bones

Grids: $25 to $75 per window

Screen: $25 to $50 per window

Clear Glass to Low-e: $25 per window

Low-e to Low-e3: $25 per window

Spacer: $25 per window

Sash Reinforcement: $50 to $75 per window

Reasonable Price For Windows

To the best of your ability, what price range would you say is reasonable/fair? My home is on flat ground with easy access from all sides with stucco siding, so there aren't any special installation requirements that I'm aware of.

Silvia - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Silvia, without seeing the project I really can't say. That where bids come in. They're free and they are professional opinions. Collect four bids (and tell each company that you are collecting bids so you would appreciate their best price).

Once you get the bids, you can always go back to the company you like and say you have a bid for $1500 less (or whatever number you want) and if they can match that price you will sign the work order that day. Depending on how busy they are, it usually will drive the price down.

The four bids should tell you what the fair market price of your project is.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

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