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Renewal By Andersen Windows Prices

Renewal By Andersen windows prices are at the top of replacement pricing scale. Homeowners can expect to pay $900 to $1200 per double hung window with standard installation. We'll breakdown the company and their product, as well as provide general pricing information and past customer project costs. Read all of our Renewal By Andersen reviews here.

If you'd like to ask our editors a question about your replacement or new construction windows project, send Tom an email.

Feel free to include project quotes and bids and get an expert opinion on which proposal(s) is right for you. Our site editor, and our website in general, is not associated with any window company. Instead, our advise is based on the idea of providing American consumers with the best long term value for your dollar.

Renewal By Andersen Basics

Normally, we don't spend a lot of time talking about the company and/or their marketing structure because it typically isn't all that important. In the case of Renewal By Andersen, it's pretty important for consumers to understand how they work. RBA is under the umbrella of Andersen windows, but each city/area/region is actually it's own uniquely owned franchise. That means that you are not buying from Andersen, you are buying from the individual RBA distributor or owner.

There is lots of bad press on RBA selling tactics, i.e. 90 minute presentations in your home that end in a high pressure sale where the price starts out at $1500 per window, but comes down $300 per window if you sign with them today. We would strongly advise consumers not to sign any contract until you have received at least 3 window quotes and can make an educated and knowledgable decision (especially when it involves many thousands of your hard earned dollars). Having said this, not all RBA franchises are run this way.

Most knowledgable window contractors say this about RBA windows - an attractive window that has decent (but not great) performance numbers that is priced extrememly high.

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Renewal By Andersen Windows

Renewal By Andersen windows are made from a Fibrex material (vinyl and reclaimed wood), which is the same composite used to make the Andersen 100 Series window. The window is considered a very nice looking product that is fully customizable and comes with a number of nice features and hardware options. It has a fusion welded frame and comes standard with a stainless steel spacer. Performance wise, the window gets okay numbers; a U-factor of 0.30 and a SHGC of 0.34. Upgrading to the SmartSun glass package will result in the following performance bumps; U-value of 0.24 and an SHGC 0.28.

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Renewal by Anderson quoted us

HI Tom, my wife and I are about to embark on a remodel. We ran across your website and are interested in finding out about your ?good and great? window recommendations. We?re looking for a decent quality window with an SDL option. We don?t want to spend a fortune (Renewal by Anderson quoted us over $100,000 which seemed awfully high), but would like something that is not a low end product.

Thanks in advance.

Todd - Homeowner - from 2022

Renewel by Anderson

Had a salesman come over today totally felt he was over charging. The door was $8500 and 2 windows $5200 combined. Just want a fair price. Thoughts...

Joshua - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joshua, I'd keep looking and collecting bids..

Email Tom

Tom - Site Editor - from 2022

Anderson from Renewal Windows Bid

We have a bid from Apex Insignia on 21 windows for $23,300. They told me the normal price would be $35,880. We also got a bid from Pella for $33,370 and Anderson from Renewal was $41,075.

Angela - Homeowner - from 2021

Renewal By Andersen Window Cost

Hi Tom, The information on your site was helpful to us. I wanted to write in to share our experience with Renewal By Andersen and to update you on their current pricing.

I just had a presentation by a RBA representative at my home in Rockland County, NY yesterday. We have original wood windows from when the house was built in 1962, some still with the original storm windows. We want to replace 20 windows, mainly double-hung in standard sizing with some picture windows. He was a nice enough guy and gave some of the same information to me that has been criticized by others over time on other home remodeling sites. I have had other representatives from well-known vinyl window companies in the area come out in the past for estimates ranging from $8,000 to $14,500.

I liked the RBA product and the appearance of the double-pane windows in person does look like real wood windows with a matte white finish. The quality is quite good, but then after a lengthy discussion about the windows and related topics he took the measurements and entered them into his iPad which generated the cost. He cautioned me early on in our conversation that there was no room for negotiation aside from the current promotion for a 20% discount, a thirty-day value price lock, and an additional instant savings by committing the same day. This is in addition to the one-year price guarantee. The quality plus the 20-year warranty sounded pretty good. You can imagine then my reaction when he gave me the price quote. It came out to $40,000, roughly $2,000 per window. I was candid with him and said that these are replacement windows, not new construction windows like Andersen 400 Series (I had two 400 series double-hung windows installed a few years ago when we renovated two bathrooms).

You are not touching the interior and exterior trim with replacements and notwithstanding the exterior capping they would do, I could not believe what I was hearing. He followed up with showing me his iPad with markers indicating how many people in the surrounding area have completed the RBA questionnaire after their project has been completed (there was a significant number), and he noted that these are only the customers who submitted the questionnaire and only represented 50% of folks who have actually had RBA complete window projects. Needless to say I did not commit same day, although he said that by signing to do a portion of the project - at least three windows - all of the discounts would be locked in.

All in all, I just cannot imagine how RBA or anyone else for that matter could reasonably expect someone to pay with installation $2,000 per window, or roughly $1,500 per window with the current discounts, for replacement windows. In the end, I think that if considering RBA and their cost is a concern as it was for us, it may be a better route to go to purchase wood windows with exterior cladding at a lumber store or a home center and hire a carpenter to install the windows and replace the exterior and interior trim. I would imagine that by going that route folks would realize a substantial cost savings for the window project.

Dan - Homeowner - from 2017

Renewal By Andersen Windows Prices From Customers

19 Double Hungs, 7 Casements (SmartSun Glass Package)
Sizes: Standard To Large
Price: $1050 each ($28,440 total)
Included installation.
State: Kansas
Project completed in 2011.

10 Double Hungs (SmartSun Glass Package)
Sizes: Standard To Large
Price: $1,240 each ($12,420 total)
Included installation.
State: New York
Project bid in 2010.

11 Double Hungs
Sizes: Standard
Price: $1175 each ($13,000 total)
Included installation.
State: N/A
Project bid from 2010

10 Casements
Sizes: Standard
Price: $1200
Included installation.
State: Massachusetts
Project completed in 2009.

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