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PGT Windows Prices

PGT has a good reputation in the industry for producing durable, consistent and well made aluminum and vinyl windows. (Read reviews on PGT here.) Most contractors give the company a thumbs up for standing behind their work and offering a solid warranty (which is easy to do if you produce a well made, conistent product). They have a big presence in the southeastern states such as Florida and Georgia. Their windows have good design and they use a 2 step sloped sill that many window contractors like. Similar to many companies in the U.S., they sell their products through distributors. The target prices below are for double or single hung standard sized windows with straightforward installation.

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PGT 2200 Windows

The 2200 and the 2300 windows are very similar, although the double hung is not available in the 2200. The 2200 is available as a single hung, slider and picture window; it usually comes with a 4" frame and an optional exterior flange for new construction. PGT does not carry a window with a woodgrain interior, which is limiting for some homeowners.

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PGT 2300 SpectraGuard Windows

The PGT 2300 is a very nice looking, well made window that probably gets more "press" than their other models. This window has a multi-chambered frame and is only available as a double hung, slider and picture window option. It uses a heavy vinyl for a good sturdy frame and has a reinforced aluminum sash. The straight buck frame uses double strengh glass and has no interior wood option. The double hung has a top sash that can be tilted in for easier cleaning (other than that it is virtually identical to the 2200). The air infiltration rating on this window with a good glass package should be somewhere in the range of .04 and a DP50 (design pressure) comparable to the Gorell 5300 or the Simonton 5500 Series. Read more on Gorell windows prices.

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PGT 400 Impact Window Windows

The 400 Series is an impact vinyl window with an aluminum re-inforcement at the sash. Orignially, it was their Hurrican window but then the glass package was lowered for regualr installation. Homeowners need to check with the seller to find out what glass package is included on the 400 when they go to buy. Many pros really like this window which is offered in multiple configurations, including with or without a nailing flange or extruded fin, J-channel or simply a buck frame. It is often a new construction window that can be used as a replacement as well. As a new construction window it should qualify for a tax credit (not many of them do), but again check the numbers on the glass package to make sure it does.

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WinGuard Hurricane/Impact Windows

These are impact resistant windows made for coastal areas with special code requirements. Many of the contractors who use them in places like Florida and Georgia feel they are nicely designed and a good looking window. They are available in either aluminum or vinyl frames and come as single or double hungs, sliders, casements, picture and fixed window options. In vinyl, the WinGuard Impact windows come as the 500 or the PremierVue.

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PGT 2700 & 2800 PremierVue Windows

This is their Impact vinyl series that is a pretty heavy duty window and very similar to the WinGuard Line. As far as impact ratings go, the PremierVue are not going to be comparable to the 500s. It is comparable in performance numbers to the Gorell 5400 Series, although Florida contractors might give the PremierVue the nod in terms of looks. The PremierVue has limited distribution so not all distributors sell this model, although most coastal reps probably have access. The PGT 2770 sliding glass door also gets good marks from installers who frequently use this product.

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Past Customer Pricing

2200 Series
3 Single Hungs With Solar Ban, Screen, Grids
Sizes: 36"W x 37"H (2), 52"W x 37"H (1)
Price: $550 average each
Included permits, windows and installation.
State: Florida
Project bid from 2011.

2300 Series
20 Double Hungs
Sizes: Varied, but standard
Price: $390 each ($7,790 total)
Included all products, permitting and installation.
State: Florida
Bid price from 2012.

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