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Atrium windows prices range from $250 to $600 installed for a double hung with standard installation.

Company Information: Atrium makes their own window models, but also produce series that they sell to other companies who then relabel and sell them under their own brand name. The company gets mid range reviews for the most part. It is difficult to process all of the information because there are consumers who think they produce a low end window and feel the company's customer service is poor (this is echoed by some contractors) and there are consumers out there who really like the windows and feel the company had good customer service and liked the installation.

Bankruptcy: Atrium went through bankruptcy in 2010 and so perhaps this was a turning point when they came out of it. In general, the company is probably on par with say Simonton windows. However, it seems like the following is true - make sure you like the window dealer or installer you go with and that they have a solid track record and history with Atrium in case issues should arise. Explore more with our replacement pricing calculator.

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2 to 3 out of 5

(Amongst All Vinyl Windows)

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Viewpoint Series (Norandex)

The Viewpoint is made by Atrium and sold as a Norandex product. The window gets okay air infiltration numbers and has just okay U-value (the performance numbers would be comparable to the Silverline 8500 and 9500). The replacement window has three different models/lines so if you are considering this window make sure you know which of the three grades. This would be considered mostly a builder grade window, especially considering that Norandex doesn't sell to homeowners themselves. For just about the same price, homeowners should consider the SpectraGuard from PGT, which gets good reviews from contractors and industry experts. Explore more on PGT windows prices.

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Reliabilt 3300 Series

This series is made by Atrium for Reliabilt. The window has an AI of 0.12 and a U-factor of 0.28, both respectable numbers. A similarly priced product (and perhaps best quality) is the Milgard Styeline. See Milgard window prices.

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Vanguard 6000 Series

This series is an Atrium product that is sold by American Window Systems, Inc. The series has an AI of 0.19 and a U-factor around 0.30. A similarly priced and quality product is the Cataline Series from Anlin.

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Atrium 8700 (Reliabilt 3500)

The 8700 is made by Atrium and relabeled by Ellison windows and is considered a mid grade vinyl product. We were unable to find out much about this window. A similar product to the 8700 might be the low end offering from Okna, their 400 Series.

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Atrium Windows Prices | 40 Series

Atrium Series 40

20 Single Hungs And Sliders
Price Quote: $13.2K
Included Install
State: Tennessee
Project Bid from 2023

Atrium Windows Prices | 375 Series

375 series

38 Double Hungs
Installation: New Construction
Cost Quote: $43k
Included All Project Aspects
Location: Houston, TX
Bid From: 2022

Atrium Windows Prices | 6000 And 7000 Series

6000 Series
6 Single Hung Vinyls
Sizes: 47"W x 33"H, 36"W x 54"H (2), 31"W x 54"H (2), 36"W x 47"H
Price: $500 each
Included product and installation.
State: N/A
Job completed in 2009.

7800 Series
10 Wood Windows, 1 French Door
Sizes: Larger Windows, Standard French Door
Price: $7400 total
Included contractor installation.
State: California
Project bid from 2010.

Atrium Windows Prices | 8000 Series

Atrium 8700 Series Cost

24 Windows (Casements, Sliders, And Fixed Frame)
Black Exterior, Colonial Grids
Insert Installation
Price: $11.6K
Location: N/A
Bid From 2012

9000 Series

3 Replacements, Triple pane glass, Low-e, Argon fills
Sizes: 48"W x 30"H, 96"W x 48"H, 24"W x 36"H
Price: $800 each
Included extensive installation.
State: Montana
Project bid from 2012

8300 Series

Sizes: 32"W x 56"H
Price: $522 each
Included installation.
State: New York
Bid price from 2010

8000 Series

12 Horizontal Sliders, 1 Patio Door
Sizes: 72"W x 48"H (10), 96"W x 60"H (1), 36"W x 36"H (1), 72"H Patio Door.
Price: $11,000 total
Included installation
State: Los Angeles, Ca.
Job completed in 2009.

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