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Gentek Windows Prices

Gentek Windows Prices

Explore Gentek Windows prices and costs and get product reviews and information on their most popular window series. Gentek is known more for their siding than for their windows, but their three vinyl replacement window options do offer some rather nice features, including a sloped sill and multichambered vinyl mainframes.

Gentek Windows Warranty: Gentek vinyl replacement windows come with a lifetime limited warranty that covers the mainframe, sash and all of the components. The upgraded exterior color frames are warrantied for 10 year against fading. Consumers can purchase an optional glass breakage warranty as well. There are a number of exclusions and exceptions to the warranty that consumers should know and understand before purchasing Gentek vinyl windows.

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Last Updated: March 6, 2024

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Gentek Windows Prices | Concord Plus Series

The Concord Plus is their standard vinyl replacement window and offers several very nice features. One of the examples is a multi chambered mainframe and sash that provides better durability and energy efficiency for the consumer. Foam fills in the mainframe and the sash is an upgrade that is available to the consumer and will add even greater energy efficiency and durability to the window (and shouldn't add too much in terms of price).

The Concord Plus also includes a good insulated glass unit and the Intercept spacer system. In addition, the sash and the rails have a composite reinforcement. The window uses a fusion welded sash, dual vent stops, a constant force balancing system, and a tilt in bottom and top sash for easier cleaning and access. The Concord Plus is comparable in price and quality to Great Lakes Seabrooke windows.

» Concord Plus Price Range

Tom - HWRC Editor

Concord Plus Series

11 Double Hungs
Size: 30 x 24
Quote: $12.1K
Included All
Location: N/A
Project Year: 2021

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Gentek Windows Prices | Signature Elite Series

The Signature Elite is the midrange vinyl replacement window that has a more upscale design from their standard Concord series. The Signature Elite has a true sloped cell, which is generally regarded as a much better design than a capture still or snap in pocket sill. The window has a more narrow frame and includes a camlock, a composite reinforced sash and meeting rails, as well as a DuraFit screen. The Signature Elite is comparable in both price and quality to the Ply Gem Premium Series.

» Signature Elite Price Range

Tom - HWRC Editor

Gentek Signature Elite

10 Single Hungs, 1 Sliding Door
Size: Standard
Estimate: $20k
Included Installation
State: Jersey shore
Project Year: 2024

Signature Elite Cost

15 Single Hungs, 5 Sliders, 1 Picture
Sizes: Normal
Price Quote: $17.5K
Included: Windows&Installation
Area: Austin, Texas
Bid Year: 2023

Gentek Windows Prices (Signature Elite)

7 Double Hungs And Casements
Sizes: Normal
Cost: $5.8K
Included All
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Project Price Quote from 2023

Gentek Windows Prices vs ProVia

I working on finding a way to get them to you as part of the mail. The quote is for $17,834 for Gentex Signature Elite and $16,258 for Provia Endure.

Which to you think is better.

I also may have found a deal for Gentec which may reduce the quote by $5,000. Would that make a difference in selection?

Gerry - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

ProVia Endure at the current price

ProVia Endure at the Gentek discounted price IF you're in your home long term...

If you plan to move in 8 years or less, then I'd go with the Gentek option...

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2023

Gentek Windows Price List (Signature Elite)

1 Patio Door, 14 Windows
Sizes: Varied, but mainly 48x52
Included All
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Project Pricing Quote from 2022

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Gentek Windows Prices | Sequoia Select Series

The Sequoia Select is their premium vinyl replacement window that can be ordered as a sliding window, double hung, casement, bay window, bow and garden window. There are a number of features to this vinyl window, including a fusion welded main frame, a multi-chambered extrusion, a sloped sill, block and tackle balancing system, two plastic hardware options and 4 upgraded metal hardware options. The window can be ordered in any one of 9 exterior color options and 9 interior colors that includes a very nice looking wood veneer and wood grain selection.

The Sequoia Select comes standard with their low-e glass and argon fills with an optional upgrade to insulated glass, along with multi-layer weatherstripping, airtight insulating chambers, steel-reinforced meeting rails, compression bulb seal, and the Intercept Spacer. Their double hung in the BarrierXP glass package will achieve a .30 U-factor, .27 SHGC and .51 VT. Comparable in price and quality to the Simonton Reflections 5500 window.

» Sequoia Select Price Range

Tom - HWRC Editor

Gentek Window Prices

3 three-lites, 2 two-lites (all Triple Paned)
Size: 65"w x 52"h (3 lites), 50w" x 52"w (2 lites)
Cost: $7100
State: Minnesota
Included installation
Project bid from 2020

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