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Discover Window Nation prices and costs on their replacement vinyl windows and options.

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Window Nation Bid vs. Marvin Infinity

My name is Steve and I am getting a bid on 14 Window Nation triple pane pocket windows with full screens and tempered glass in about half. The cost is $910 installed per window for their high end Imperial LS windows. They also pitched me the Vytex Grandview window, which was $770 per window. I did also get a quote from Marvin windows, but they were $1500 per for their Infinity fiberglass.

Steve - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Steve, the bids sound a bit high to me, although tempered glass typically adds about $100 to the cost of each window, but you indicated it was only half that needed this glass. Window Nation carries good brands like the soft-Lite Imperial LS and Vytex Grandview, but they aren't usually the cheapest out there.

I would try to get an actual Soft-Lite dealer out there and see what they would charge for the Soft-Lite Classic or Pro model. Again, I like both the bids you have, but not the price tag. I think you need a couple more bids to round out your offerings.

The Infinity from Marvin is a good window, but it's not $1500 installed in my opinion.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

Window Nation vs Thompson Creek

First off I really want to thank you for reading my email. I am just like every other home owner out there, trying to understand and justify the extremely high cost of getting new windows for my home. I received a quote from Window Nation for a set of their recommended windows, the Imperial Pros. Window Nation was my first estimate at getting windows. I liked the product that they were selling, it seemed very nice but the cost is outstanding at $25,500. I signed the contract at the time of the sales pitch but I have until March 10th to cancel.

I have spend many hours searching the internet to find out what I could to see if I am making the best decision for my family and that is where I came across your very informative website. Below I have a couple questions and an order summary from my contract. I would appreciate it SO MUCH if you could let me know your opinion of if I am getting a good deal. My gut tells me no, but it is very difficult for me to know because the contract that they provided does not give a breakdown of cost for each item. I (over?) estimated the large items to try to get a breakdown of costs per double hung.

Also, I have Thompson Creek coming this afternoon to give me an estimate for their product. Do you have thoughts on that company, their windows?

Here is the Window Nation order at $25,500.

I have twice requested an itemized breakdown of the costs. If I do not receive, I feel I have to cancel.

I forgot the warranty part of your question. The warranty comes from the manufacturer so Window Nation defers to them on that point. Soft-Lite should replace any part for free that is covered under the warranty. Warranties are tricky though.

Is Window Nation going to run right out at year 8 and take a look at your window? What do they charge to do the work? They're not doing it for free.

This is one place where buying a quality product is key because the cost to replace defective parts even under warranty can be pricey and a pain in the arse. I would definitely ask them to run you through how they handle warranty issues.

In general, Soft-Lite is good about handling their warranty issues. It's the labor costs that get you.

This is where getting a good product and professional installation at the outset becomes important if you look at the cost equation over time.
I estimated my patio door to cost $3.5k. They upsold me to get laminated glass. I do not know if that is a wise investment, but I think that is why that costs so much.
I estimated my half moon over fireplace to be $2k?
I estimated my foyer picture window(s) to be 3k? large box with half moon on top
That leaves 17 double hungs and 3 small basement sliders to be 17k. That averages at $850 per window which is higher than internet articles say I should be paying even on the high side.

I thought my estimates are over estimates and that still leaves me paying too much. I don't know where I am going wrong.

Finally, Soft-lite has this on their website: What does your warranty cover?a. Our warranty covers any confirmed manufacturing defect. A replacement part will be furnished at no cost to you. Our warranty excludes labor and is transferable. See the warranty for more details. I don't have anything from Window Nation that says that labor or shipping is included in my warranty. They say they will give me a pamphlet, but that is not a signed part of the contract. Is that binding? Do you have thoughts on that?

Matt - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Matt, I would tend to agree with you that that bid sounds high. But I don?t know all the project details so it?s impossible for me to say that with any real certainty. I definitely think you need a couple more bids to confirm.

Window Nation has a good reputation in general, although I have seen bids that seems high to me. I don?t think this is their best price and I think you can use some additional bids to start working down the price bid for them to find the lowest number they?ll go.

I don?t hear much about Thompson Creek, but I feel like I?ve hear they use an aggressive pitch and don?t always offer the most competitive pricing. Plus, I know nothing about their windows. I?d love to get some feedback from you on what you think about them.

I would be interested to see if you could get a bid from a local company that sells some quality mid range vinyl windows to get a better fix on price. Perhaps Vytex (I know Window Nation often pitches this as their drop window), Wincore or Zen (which is a franchise that resells mid range Soft-Lite windows, although they have their own labels).

For instance, assuming no big installation requirements, I would think you could get the top end Wincore 7700 window and door for something in the $17K to $18K range. I think this is what you should be shooting for.

Bottom line, take your time and get some more bids to see what the real market value of your project is?

Tom - Site Editor - from 2017

[Matt's Answer]

Hi Tom, Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. That was so nice of you!! We had Thompson Creek out and were really happy with their product, warranty, and pricing. They came in at cheaper than Window Nation, had a much better and more thorough warranty, and we really liked their product. They are local here and do all their own installs. There are no subcontractors. Also there is no fine print in their warranty like I found with Window Nation. Window Nation has in their fine print about requirements for preventative maintenance which are in separate brochures and damage must be reported within 10 days. To me, that is a little absurd.

I ended up getting 26 windows and a patio door for 26,400 from Thompson Creek.

Window Nation was 25 windows and a sliding glass door for 25,600.

The Thompson Creek rep was not pushy and presented everything as transparent as possible. We saw all the numbers, it was like working directly in an Excel spreadsheet. To me, that made a lot of difference. There were other differences where I could see that the Window Nation rep was trying to hide certain things and divert attention away from specifics like the subs who install, requirements of the warranty, etc. BTW, Thompson Creek advertises their windows at U = .28, S=.29 and air leakage at .06. These numbers are just a tad worse than the Imperial LS. Thompson Creek does not use foam in the window frame which I'm not quite sure is a good or bad thing, but they get these numbers without that.

I cant thank you enough for writing me back so quickly. Have a great one.

Matt - Homeowner - from 2017

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