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Window World Reviews

Read Window World reviews from industry insiders, contractors and homeowners who have used their products and services in the past and can provide Window World prices.

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Affordable Window & Great Options

The great thing about the Window World options is that the customer is in control of the price, which means if you're working to a budget, these are a fantastic choice. You can have a complete window installed for about $189, as long as you manage the disposal. These windows have loads of add-ons, which you then pay extra for. So for example, you want low-e glass, you can add about $70 to the price. It's really easy when you see how they do it. Basically the price from the manufacturer is about $115, of which $25 is paid for installation and $5 is paid in commission. When you think that on average they sell over 6,000 windows each year, they are making a fortune.

Laurence - Industry Insider - 2010

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WW vs. Alside

The best quote I was able to get on my windows was with my third try at Window World. My condo windows needed replacing, and I've been impressed with the change since I did. Outside noise is significantly less, it doesn't get cold with the bed right next to the window anymore so the sealing it great. There are a lot of similarities between these and the Alside Excalibur. Both a good enough, but aren't super fancy, great for smaller budgets and great for mild weather areas. I wouldn't recommend either the WW or Alside for harsh weather environments, but other than that they have a decent appearance and even a lifetime warranty. The contractors we used did a great job, working fast and they didn't even leave a mess behind. Very professional.

David - Past Customer from California - 2011

Popular Choice

I do a lot of window installations each year and Window World is a huge name in my local area. The problem comes in on the installation, I've seen some really good jobs and some really horrendous ones. While Window World isn't the top of the range when it comes to vinyl windows, they stay at the top because they are affordable and offer the customer so many options, which they pay extra for. What many people don't realize is that Window World uses Alside Windows, which are $400 more per window in price. What amazes me is that Window World sell about 12,000 windows in my area alone each year and they keep a really good rating. But at the same time they are not the best product, which makes me wonder why they remain at the top of the window food chain.

John - Contractor - 2012

False Impressions

I've seen in the Replacement Contractor magazine that the Window World windows average around $400 each. Personally I don't feel that's a good price for these mediocre windows. There are so many other great choices on the market at around the same price. The $189 windows that they offer are real and do exist, except once you start adding on the extras, you'll soon end up paying considerably more per unit. We are all striving to provide superior service and great value to our customers and Window World is creating a false impression which gives us a bad name.

Andy - Contractor - 2012

Is Window World the Right Choice?

Recently two friends of my wife had their windows replaced by Window World and are thrilled, so now my wife wants our windows replaced by the same company. So far I have received quotes that work out between $6,000 and $15,000. I hope I can get them down to between $6,000 and $8,000. I am not sure if this is a reasonable price or not or if we should be looking at any other manufacturers. Any advice will be appreciated.

Nick - Homeowner - 2013

[Contractor Response]

On a whole, Window World is a huge company and you'll hear about them throughout the country. At the same time, if you take the time to do research and read through their reviews, they have a lot of complaints and disaster stories, which is what concerns me. You may want to have a look at Sunrise, they offer a great vinyl option.

George - Contractor - 2013

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