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Alpine Windows Reviews

Alpine Windows Reviews

Read Alpine windows reviews from customers and professional contractors on the quality, warranty and level of customer service from this window company.

The Company - Alpine is a Washington state based company that has been in business since the 1950s. They manufacture new construction and replacement windows and doors and sell throughout much of the west coast states. The company is now owned by Associated Materials, Inc.

Their Windows - Alpine manufactures a number of series, including the Montrose vinyl replacement, 70 new construction, 80 new construction, Westbridge 6500 patio slider door, and the 170 series sliding patio door.

Bottom Line - Alpine is just an okay brand as far as I am concerned. I would give them a 6 out of 10 overall.

Tom - HWRC Editor - Page Updated In January, 2024

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Alpine Windows Reviews

Tom, recently got a bid on the Montrose vinyl series from Alpine and I'm a bit confused. I thought Alpine was supposed to be cheap, relatively speaking I guess. The bid was for 12 double hungs and 2 patio sliders. Total price tag was just under 18K. I live in the Sacramento valley. Thanks.

Fred - Homeowner - 2024

[Site Editor Reply]

Fred, prices have gotten pretty crazy lately and California is no exception - in fact they may be in the lead when it comes to crazy bid prices. I would suggest getting a few more bids myself. This way you can see see what else is out there and what other companies are charging in your area. Our form can help you find local companies - then send me what you find and we can work through the bids and find you a much better priced replacement window and door option.

Tom - HWRC Editor - from 2024

My Experience With Alpine Windows

I have had Alpine windows in my house since 1995. After 14 years, the Alpines are a mess and I wish I'd gone with something else. They require too much service maintenance and new parts. To get service, you need to contact Alside Company and you won't have any help from thier lifetime guarantee because those apparently are discontinued. The design has also been altered, so they don't have the parts that I need. So, instead of replacing parts I have to replace the entirety of the windows and doors. I would go ahead and look elsewhere - my two cents, steer clear of Alside or Alpine.

Maurice - Past Customer - 2019

Replacements In Riverside

I live in Riverside and am looking to replace several windows. I have a tight budget, but also want a great deal when it comes to quality, durability, appearance, etc. Since I started looking into window options, I've seen plenty of bad reviews. Reviews for the Atrium product have been a mix of good and bad reviews during my search. I've had a similar experience with the Madison and Alpine lines. My budget makes it so I can't spend a lot, but I still want to make sure that there's quality despite that. Does anyone know of some good sites/resources that list window ratings and comparisons?

Regina - Past Customer - 2018

[In Response to Request]

I would say that Atrium is above average in quality. It is obviously not a premium product, but they are definitely better than the products you listed. I would also recommend looking at Superior windows or GreenWorld. They have a decent price and the warranty is above acceptable. As for comparing ratings, I'm afraid I can't help with finding a site that does that.

James - Installer - 2017

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Installer's Opinion

Customer service is a top priority for us, and part of that is using the right products. If it's not the right product, then we don't sell it. That's why Alside windows and their other names will never be sold by us. There are so many issues with their quality, but instead of improve them they just change the name so they can resell them to a group of unsuspecting customers. Watch out for Alpine, Revere, Apex, Signature and Berkshire because there isn't any difference between them.

Evan - Installer - 2012

Alpine & Other Brands

Alside windows, Revere, Alside, AMI -- there is barely a difference between these lines, if any at all. They've just been renaming it to avoid a reputation on the line. It's low quality and poor business, though they seem to manage well with selling these lines of cheap windows. They, at least, are good about honoring customer guarantees.

Holly - Installer - 2012

Associated Windows & Alpine

Both Alpine and Alside are under Associated Windows ownership. The designs and specs differ between each and I'm not too familiar with the Alpine line. Alside is a reasonable quality for being a product of low to mid-grade level. They have no pretenses of being the best or close to premium. There are rumors about discrepencies in service and warranties being honored, but you can't be sure of the truth. My personal experience has always been relatively fine with Alside.

Warren - Installer - 2012

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