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Atrium Windows Reviews

Discover Atrium windows reviews from installers and contractors and find out consumer opinions on their products and service. Also find information on Atrium windows prices.

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Atrium Pro View Windows

I haven't worked with the Atrium Pro View, but I've installed some of their other windows. You'll hear some stuff about how bad they are, but a lot of that is prejudiced people who think low prices have to mean low quality. A lot of what they manufacture is sold by other companies, and they are pretty much the same windows but no one complains about the more expensive ones. They make the Reliabilts, that are sold at Lowe's, and the Reliabilt 3200, 3300, and 3500 are identical to the Atrium 8300, 8500, and 8700. They are both cheap, maybe $170-$250 for each one. You'll pay more if you're looking at high impact glass or something, but they should all qualify for tax credits, which helps.

I can't really recommend a specific brand, because everyone has different needs and their own budget. But don't judge a window only on its price. Cheap doesn't have to mean poor quality, and some low-priced windows actually have pretty decent performance numbers. Figure out what you want from a window as far as features, prices, and all that, and then shop for what you want, not what someone else says they like.

Ed - Contractor - from 2009

Atrium vs Jeld Wen Windows

The Jeld-Wen windows and the American Craftsman 8500 have never been my favorite. The quality is just lacking there. If you are going to go with a Home Depot AC window, then I would choose the 9500 over the 8500. Atrium windows are also an okay choice if they are available. The 3000 line offers a lifetime warranty with an additional warranty for glass breakage, plus it happens to be a decent window line. Simonton is a good choice as well, though you can expect it to be significantly more expensive.

Trevor - Builder - 2009

Atrium vs Simonton Windows

Viwinco and Atrium both mainly make low grade windows designed for contractors. They have a short warranty and the contractors are just trying to bang out their project on time and under budget, they don't really care what complaints they might get later. Sometimes you'll find a builder that uses Simonton, Gorell, or Softlite, and those are usually a little better. You don't see Sunrise or Okna selling bargain windows to builders because they won't sacrifice their quality for price.

Evan - Contractor - from 2010

Atrium Window Quality

I've seen complaints about Atrium windows, but I have them in my house and I love them. We're actually about to replace some more and were planning on going with Atriums again. They are less expensive than some of the others we looked at, and that was definitely a part of our decision. We looked at some websites that gave them a 78% approval rating, and some much more expensive ones from other makers were only around 85% and that isn't much difference. I have heard that their own installers aren't that great, but we went with our own and got a god installation. We have pretty mild weather, so maybe if you're in a more extreme climate then you might want a higher rated window, but we've been happy with ours.

Tamar - Homeowner - from 2010

Atrium vs Reliabilt

I wouldn't call Reliabilt a top-tier window, but if I was buying from a big box store they are definitely one I'd consider. Atrium makes it, and the 3500 is the same as the Atrium 8700. They aren't fancy but it's a solid window for a DIY project on a tight budget. Most of the time when I don't like a window, it's because of f cheap vinyl extrusion and just a bad design. Sometimes the warranty or customer service turns me off, too. Atriums don't really have any of these problems, to my knowledge, just a general mediocrity, which isn't the worst thing.

Steven - Contractor - from 2010

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Atrium vs Milgard Windows

As a window salesman, I sell a lot of Atriums. It's a bargain window and I think a lot of people who complain about them are being unrealistic. They aren't any worse than any other brand in the same price range. Look at the ViWincos, Simonton, Weathershield. They all have bargain windows, too. You can't expect a top quality window when you're on a tight budget.

Look at Andersen. For years, they talked about how vinyl was a bad material for windows. After a few years of being unable to compete with the inexpensive vinyl windows, they bought cheapo company Silverline and changed the name a few times until people forgot where they came from. Vinyl windows are much better in quality than they used to be, and a lot of the complaints you hear about are from older products when vinyl was still new.

If you have the money, the more expensive windows like Milgard or Polaris are usually worth it. You get better design, better quality materials, and a lot more features and options. The higher end windows are going to give you better performance when the weather is bad, and they're also going to look better on the house. When you can't afford the top brands, though, there is nothing wrong with inexpensive windows.

Larry - Window Seller - from 2010

Atrium Vinyl Windows

I've put on tons of Atrium vinyl windows and have never had any kind of problems. My customers have all been happy, even years later. They are a lot different from some manufacturers, they extrude their own vinyl and make their own glass, put everything together and handle distribution and service as well. They don't outsource half their divisions like some companies. That's a lot of the reason that their prices are so much lower than some of their competitors. In reality, I think that they're on the same level as Simonton. They don't have a ton of features and options like triple glazing, because they are designed and marketed towards home owners on a budget. But just because they're inexpensive doesn't mean they are made cheaply.

Renard - Installer - from 2010

Atrium vs Ply Gem Windows

Most companies that sell windows have three lines: a Builder's grade designed to be cheap at all costs, a Mid-level window with some options and decent quality but still fairly reasonable, and an up-market line with tons of different options and features. Atrium has a premium line, the 2000 series for their windows and the 890 for patio doors, that is very very good. They do get a lot of complaints on the 200 series, but that is their contractor grade line. The company I work for has been installing replacement windows here in Washington state for over 20 years and we sell a lot of them. I sell other brands, Andersens, Milgard, Marvin, Plygem, Kolbe, and plenty of others. I think that Atrium's top line is one of the best vinyl offerings out there, it is tough and durable and lasts for a long time.

Rennie - Installer - 2011

Just An Average Window

I don't know about what they offer in other areas, but their windows here in the Chicago area are average at best. I wouldn't consider them a top tier company, maybe a C-level company. I liked Gorell, and then they ran into some financial trouble, but after Softlite bought them there haven't been any concerns. Atrium has been having enough problems of their own. I wouldn't call them terrible, but I really don't like the pocket sill and their performance numbers are mediocre.

Holland - Installer - from 2012

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