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Eagle Window Reviews

Browse Eagle windows reviews written by customers and installation experts to help you decide if these are the right windows for your next project. Discover Eagle window prices.

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Opinion from a Contractor

Andersen, a reliable window brand, bought Eagle a while ago. These are good windows and even though they are still working on their distribution you can expect top quality.

2010 - Chris a Contractor

Eagle or Pella & Marvins

I have only heard good reviews about Eagle and now that I have a number of casement windows that need replacing I need to choose which window to use. I have done some research and Eagle Axioms, Marvin Ultimates and Pella Architects are my top choices.

2010 - Derrick a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

From the three you have listed the Marvin Ultimate is the better choice. Don't get me wrong the Eagle is a good window, Marvin is a little nicer. Don't go with Pella, you'll be disappointed, the quality is very poor.

2010 - Eddy a Contractor

Aluminum Windows

I recommend Eagle if you want a selection of color options. They have fifty basic color choices and a range of custom lines, they also have an aluminum exterior. What I like about these windows is that there are custom grids, a range of options and finishes including stylish wood options.

2011 - Charles a Contractor

Compared to Other Brands

Marvin is in a class of its own and even though you pay a higher price, they are worth it in the long run. After Marvin would have to be the Eagles which are good windows. Then the Peachtree 700 which is an ok window but not on the same level as the Eagles. The Lincoln windows aren't the same as the R-4, the R-4 is superior. Overall Marvin is the better choice.

2011 - Jason a Contractor

Eagle Against Marvin

I need some advice on what is the better option for our home. My home desperately needs new windows, the current windows are the originals from the 1970's. So far I have been looking at Eagle and Marvin. I want to also turn one of the windows into a French door and one of the doors into window during the installation. People have told me that vinyl isn't the best choice and I should be looking at composite or fiberglass. Can someone please give me some insight?

2012 - Cindy a Homeowner from Texas

[Contractor Reply]

You are on the right track, Eagle and Marvin are good windows, they offer great customer support and are considered good quality windows. What I would suggest is take the time to determine the features they each offer, some of the features you may have to pay extra for. Just know whichever you choose you will have made a good choice.

2012 - Brian a Contractor from Texas

Eagle or Andersen

I am in the process of replacing windows at my Pennsylvania ranch. I am limited in choice because I specifically want a black exterior which has left me with two options, the Eagles and the Andersen A series. In total I am replacement nine windows, eight of which are double hung and one casement window. I am specific about what I want, the windows must have low-e glass and interior grills and no installation should be added to the estimate, as I have a friend who is a contractor. What I have found is that the Eagles are more reasonable in price by about $1,000. Now I need help in choosing which of the two is my best bet.

2012 - John a Homeowner from Pennsylvania

[Contractor Reply]

Personally I would keep looking, there are more choices than these two. The Anderson 400's are really good, though I can't say the same about their latest ranges. I wouldn't touch Eagle, I sold them for years and wasn't impressed by them at all.

2012 - Craig a Contractor

Eagle or Kolbe

I have found recently that people are comparing the low quality Hurd windows to the popular brands such as Kolbe, Eagle and Marvin. This is ridiculous, if you want a low quality window there is nothing stopping you from choosing the Hurd range. But if you want a good quality window that won't give you problems, then the other three are a much better choice.

2012 - Bruce a Contractor

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