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Pella Windows Reviews

Discover Pella window reviews from consumers and installers who know the products and customer service pros and cons of this company. Find more information here on Pella windows prices as well as information on many of their most popular series.

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Unhappy With Designer Series

We bought our Pella Window Designer Series in 2009; they have a triple pane glass and lowE insulating glass with argon. I would not recommend Pella to anyone especially in cold climate states. Each winter our windows (and Pella patio door) freeze shut. The company states that we have too much humidity in the home and recommends 30-35% humidity in normal cold (above freezing) and 15% humidity in colder weather. Our humidity registered at 30%; as a result condensation collects on the inside of the window along the bottom sill and the frame where the latch is located on the double hung windows. Because of this condensation, the window will freeze shut in very cold weather and or in mild cold, the condensation will result in mold growth. We have to wipe our windows dry each morning to prevent mold growth; in addition we run ceiling fans, a free standing fan on the patio door, and the furnace fan to help dry the condensation. I was told a tech could be sent out to take a look at the windows for $92.75. Instead, I called the salesman who originally sold them to us and he recommended an "air to air" exchanger be added to our furnace.

Kathy - Consumer - from 2014

Pella Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have increased in popularity in recent years and to be honest there is nothing bad about the material, except that you get really poor quality windows at the lower price range - there are a bunch of companies I could mention but one interestingly is Pella windows. They make great wood clad windows but Pella vinyl windows are low quality and not worth the price tag. The Sunrise Restorations are impressive. I had them installed on my own property and they were affordable and visually appealing in comparison to many of the others on the market. What worries me is that so many customers rely on the Consumer Reports recommendations and what they don't realize is that if the windows aren't available from your larger home building supplies store, they don't review them, which means many people don't know about the Sunrise.

Shaun- Contractor - from 2011

Pella vs. Hayfield

We are in the process of replacing our windows in our townhouse. We don't intend living here more than five years, so we don't want to pay too much for replacement windows. Anderson and Pella are both expensive and the sales rep from Pella left a bad taste in my mouth. I am now waiting on estimates from Hayfield for their vinyl windows and was wondering if anyone has had experiences with this company.

Andrew - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

I've heard some really good reports on the Hayfield Richlin series. I am sure you can find better quality around the same price elsewhere, but overall the Hayfield's do look good and offer a quality product.

Jeremy - Contractor - from 2010

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Consumer Reports & Pella

I follow the Consumer Report window ratings and if you have a look at the October 2007 report you'll find that Crestline windows, along with Alside and Pella, all received excellent window ratings when it comes to the durability of their vinyl window frames. My concern is the cranks, Pella windows looks more durable than the Crestline. But Crestline definitely comes with a good U factor of .29. I am waiting to see what other people write on their experiences before making a decision and going with Crestline windows for my home.

Janet - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

My concern is that so many people believe that Consumer Reports actually tests windows and then does a review. This is not the case, in fact they only review windows which are hold at large building supply stores, such as Lowes and Home Depot. Consumer Report gets their hands on the NFRC ratings and then reviews them accordingly and I would recommend taking what they have to say with a pinch of salt. As a customer this leaves you with a very limited option, there are fantastic window options available from top manufacturers at affordable prices that you cannot buy at your larger chain stores.

Bob - Contractor - 2010

Pella vs PGT

I have had a lot of experience with PGT windows when I worked in Florida. The ones I worked with was their aluminum windows, though I believe they have a good vinyl range. I found the Pella Thermastar a little disappointing in terms of warranty, there were just so many exclusions associated with the window. These days I have been working with a lot of Champion window models and I would recommend them to anyone. They come with a fantastic warranty and while a little pricy, around $620 each, they are visually appealing with good performance numbers. The Champions come with a U-Factor of .28 and a SHGC of .19 to 2.1. IF price is a deciding factor then I would recommend the PGT windows.

Andrew - Contractor - from 2010

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