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Feldco Window Reviews

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Double Hungs

Can anyone give me advice on the double hung windows? They claim to be AAMA tested, but I can't find this information on the Thermal Industries or Feldco website. Anyone who can give information on the infiltration and structural numbers, it would be appreciated.

Janice - a Homeowner, 2007

[Contractor Reply]

I know for a fact that Thermal Industries is AAMA rated, maybe they're listed under Atrium? But to answer your question the AI is in the region of .15.

Henry - a Contractor, 2007

Sales Tactics

What many people don't know is that Feldco sold the business about six years ago after running for thirty years. Be aware that this company does not make their own vinyl windows, in fact they buy them from Thermal Industries. Even though this is the case, their service isn't too bad. That being said they have some sales tactics that makes me dislike them. The prices offered that appear reasonable are too good to be true, these are poor quality windows. The window is so bad that they won't try and sell them to you, they will try and get you to buy a more expensive brand once they have your interest generated by their fantastic price offer. If you take some time to shop around you can find many good windows at affordable prices, windows that come with energy upgrades and filled frames.

2008 - John an Industry Insider

Sophia Line Facts

What I always find amusing is the Feldco sale. They seem to always have sales running and they're always nearing the end. Wait a few weeks and they're the same price. I'm not a fan of the Feldco Sophia line, these are pocket sill windows, but unlike the other pocket windows you can get, these allow the rain to expel through the sill extrusions, this water eventually seeps out of the holes. Personally I wouldn't be happy knowing I had water inside my window frame every time it rains and would rather choose a window with a sloped sill.

2009 - Benjamin a Contractor

Feldco Against The Competition

I am currently in the process of replacing windows in my home and it looks like I am going with Crestlines, because while the Feldco, Champion and Advanced are really nice windows, they are too pricey for me. Crestlines are also good windows with many features. I just can't bring myself to pay so much for windows.

2010 - Gary a Homeowner

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