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Great Lakes Window Reviews

Browse our Great Lakes window reviews written by real contractors and homeowners to help you decide if these are the best windows for your home. Visit the Great Lakes windows prices page for more information.

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Customer Service

I can't fault Great Lakes on their customer service. I have been an installer for many years and I will work with Great Lakes any day. They are always there to help if I have any problems or need a part.

2009 - Geoffrey a Contractor

Contractor Opinion

I have always heard good reviews when it comes to Great Lakes. Many people like the Grandview which is good quality for the price and even though they have some problems with the seal, a new glass is sent quickly.

2009 - Joshua a Contractor

How They Compare To Simonton

I don't really know that much about Great Lakes, except their prices are competitive and they look great. Simonton windows have glowing reports but they are expensive and Alside Sheffield windows are cheap and there is probably a reason for that.

2009 - Gary a Homeowner from Colorado

[Contractor Reply]

You're right on the money there, Simonton and Great Lakes are good windows, Great Lakes also has a great customer service team so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of these. Alsides is a window to stay clear of unless you are working with a very limited budget.

2009 - David a Contractor

Consumer Complaint

I can't say I am very happy with the Great Lakes windows I installed in my home a few years ago. I had eight windows done in total and three years later three of the windows have mold between the panes of glass. While their customer service was helpful and sent me replacement panes, I now have to pay an installer to come and carry out the repair work, I would have preferred a complete replacement especially as they say they will last up to twenty years and I'm already experiencing problems after three.

2010 - Neville a Homeowner from Chicago

Great Lakes, MI or Ply Gem

Can anyone shed some light on who carries the label "Cutting Edge"? It's a private label from Allied Building Products.

2010 - Derrek a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

The Cutting Edge windows are made by MI. They are really cheap windows which are also called Xacts, they are basic builder grade. Have a look at some of the other good window options available such as the Great Lakes 5000, Ply Gem Premium, Gorell, Sunrise, Softlite and the list continues. At least choosing one of these windows you know you are getting good quality.

2010 - Samuel a Contractor

Customer Testimonial

I was a window installer during the 1990's and did a lot of work with Great Lakes. They are quality windows with a good glass package which is low-E glass with an Argon fill. They had one downfall which was with their vinyl frames, the darker ones, they couldn't handle temperatures and were prone to warping. Overall they have great customer service and I would recommend them every time.

2010 - Timothy a Homeowner

Great Lakes Compared To Sunrise

My personal favorite when it comes to windows is Sunrise and I think they're always a great choice. I think they beat Ply Gem and Great Lakes and I just wish I had more opportunities to work with them.

2010 - Daniel a Contractor

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GL Compared To Gorell

I am not that familiar with these two window choices and have two quotes, one is for the Gorell 5300 and the other is for the Great Lakes Seabrook. Does anyone know which is the better choice as they have similar warranties and their quality seems the same.

2011 - Jennifer a Homeowner

[Installer Reply]

Overall I would have to say that Gorell is the better window though I do agree that they have many similarities. When it comes to quality and performance, the Gorell 5300 wins hands down even though the Great Lakes are stylish and look good.

2011 - Keith an Installer

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