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Tom - HWRC Editor - Last Updated: January 27, 2024

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Why No Spec Sheet

I've been talking to the Maritech dealer in Boulder, CO about the Oxford windows. I was really happy with them at first, the lines looked good and and they seemed willing to work with me on the price. I like the vinyl frames reinforced with aluminum, the tracks are aluminum instead of vinyl and have four point rollers and the adhesive between the panes of glass seemed very secure. The salesman was a little pushy, but I kind of expected that so it didn't bother me much. The problem was, my wife saw somewhere that the Oxford triple pane U-factor was 0.30 - 0.34, which was a lot higher than the guy was saying. When I asked about it, he said the NFRC rating was wrong, but when I asked for a spec sheet on the windows he wouldn't give me one. That's one of the first things the other dealer gave me so I could compare different windows. He said that if they gave out spec sheets then other companies would copy their windows. I told them that was stupid, and I just gave up and left. It's ridiculous, I have since found several different brands with better numbers and much smarter sales people, and some are even less expensive than the Maritech.

Dan - Homeowner - from 2010

Salesperson Requirements

This isn't the first company that I've dealt with that demanded that both me and my husband be present at the estimate appointment, but they might be the rudest. They refused to make an appointment until I promised that he would be there, even though I told them that I can make the decision without a man holding my hand. He doesn't care what I choose, we decided on a budget and unless I'm going way over it I can decide on what windows we're putting in. I finally just gave up because the sales guy was so rude about it.

Kristina - Washington DC - from 2010

Winchester Series

I looked at the Winchester Series and I think it's just a big problem. They use cheap, low grade vinyl to save money, and then to keep it from warping like a lot of cheap windows do, they just make it super thick and bulky. In the end it isn't much cheaper than if they just used good material to begin with. I wouldn't waste the time, the Starmark from Okna or the Himark 800 are going to be much better as far as performance and looks.

Mike - Contractor - from 2011

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Good Price?

Everything is expensive in Washington, DC, so I figured windows wouldn't be any different. I was looking at Oxfords by Maritech and they looked like they would be pretty good, but I was given an estimate of over $17,000 for 13 windows and a sliding glass door. It has a 40 year transferable warranty and the installation is from the company, not a independent installer, but it still seems a little high. I can find other windows that aren't much different for a whole lot cheaper.

Riki - Homeowner - from 2010


I think that the Oxfords are average at best. Their triple panes have a U-value of 0.27, that's only average for a double pane. If you get their double pane glass package if barely makes the cut for Energy Star and for the kind of money you're talking, you can do better. Some of the best vinyl windows available aren't going to cost much more than that.

Tommy - Contractor - from 2010

Price Ranges

Personally, the price isn't what I'm really looking at. If I like a window, the price isn't going to stop me from getting it. But I got 4 quotes, and they were all so different it's just confusing. The first quote was the lowest, for $399 each. The next guy was from Alside and quoted $799. Maritech came out and estimated $1400 - $1600, but he kept mentioning different discounts and special deals if I would sign right away. It was hard to even get him to leave, I wasn't about to buy from him. The last person who came out said it would be $3200 a window! I'm about ready to give up and just keep the old ones a little longer.

Whalen - Homeowner in Denver - from 2008

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Fair Price

This might be harder than buying a new car. The quotes are all over the place, and it's hard to find two windows that are close enough to the same to compare. The Maritech seems to be in the middle of the pack, and their numbers aren't too bad. They seem to have a decent reputation and will probably be around long enough to honor their warranty if that comes up.

John - Homeowner - from 2008

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