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Windsor Windows Reviews

Browse our Windsor Windows reviews from homeowners and our site editor on their most popular windows, including the Pinnacle, Legend, and New Dimension vinyl series.

Company Basics: Windsor Windows & Doors is a Des Moines, Iowa based manufacturer who has been in existence since 1946. Windsor is perhaps best known for their wood-clad windows and doors, although they also sell a hybrid composite and a vinyl window series. They tend to be viewed as a low cost alternative to many of the high end wood window brands such as Andersen, Pella, and Kolbe. Kolbe Windows Reviews

Tom - HWRC Editor - Last Updated: January 21, 2024

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Windsor Windows Reviews | Pinnacle Series

The Pinnacle series is the company's wood clad option. A good wood option at the right price point and coupled with quality installation.

Tom - HWRC Editor

Windsor Pinnacle Clad DH Window

Hi Tom, I have a Windsor Window Pinnacle Clad DH double hung window that the counterbalance mechanism is broken. What would be an approx. cost to fix the window? Trying to decide what to do. Thank you for your time.

Tom - Homeowner - 2021

Industry Pro's Answer

Tom, I would search on yelp or on craigslist for "window repair" and see if you can find someone local who repairs windows. Typically, they will swing by your house and give you a free cost estimate on the job. Or you could try and contract Windsor, but I think that's going to be a frustrating process.

Tom - Industry Pro - 2021

Windsor Windows vs Andersen

I looked at Windsor and this is what I found; good price points, reasonable shipping time, and a complete custom line of windows to choose from. What I don't like about them is that the factory makes their share of mistakes and some of the fabrications are sloppy. My advise would be to insist on having a good rep and make sure you have his cell number in case.

The other window I looked at was the Andersen 400 Series slider, which is a great product; lots of hardware and custom options, but very expensive, much more so than the Windsor Pinnacle window. I suggest the 400 Series on more of the upscale jobs. Take a look at the 200 Series slider, much more affordable and tons of sizes available.

Dave - Installer - from 2020

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