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Kolbe Window Reviews

Read Kolbe window reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners regarding customer service and the products to determine if they are the right match for you.

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Kolbe Windows vs. Windsor

Hi Tommy, my name is Rick, and my wife and I are reaching out to see if we might get your opinion on different window manufacturers. We are looking at window manufacturers for our upcoming renovation along with a second-story addition. We are currently looking at Kolbe, Windsor Pinnacle, Marvin and Anderson windows in the contemporary wood/clad line, I saw your comments online and was wondering if you could recommend the one best contemporary windows line of these windows and also the best window with respect to value you.

Thank you.

Rick - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rick, if I had to rank wood clad window manfuacturers it would go Andersen, Marvin, Pella, Kolbe, and Windsor. However, I usually ask that you at least take a look at a high quality vinyl manufacturer with a wood laminate interior: less expensive, much better warranty, much better energy efficiency, and no maintenance required. Most of these top tier recommendations include a laminate interior option.

[Rick's Reply]

Hi Tom, thank you for the detailed notes. This is terrific info to help us make a decision on a window manufacturer. Initially I shopped for a vinyl finish because of the U-factor and cost, but the workmanship appeared substandard upon visiting a showroom for the Millard window; however, your comments have convinced me to revisit the vinyl lines. Are there a few lines in the vinyl exterior with a wood interior that manufacture a clean non-recessed contemporary finish? I also had some concern for the vinyl finish because of its longevity. We may be in this house 20 to 30 years.

If we do go with an aluminum/wood clad finish, do you think there is a great fall-off in workmanship from Kolbe to Windsor? The Kolbe window estimate is about 50% more than Windsor on new windows for a full window package.

Rick - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rick, Milgard is a pretty mid grade manufacturer. I like the look of the Sunrise Restorations series myself. Vinyl holds up pretty well. Most wood clad windows use a vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass exterior anyway so it often doesn't matter if you go with a wood clad since the cladding is the same material as the vinyl window.

Kolbe is a higher end window to the Windsor. Is it worth 50% more...tough to say.

The other option you could look at is a fiberglass window like a Marvin Elevate. Less expensive than a wood clad, but a good fiberglass window. Ironically, it can't compete with the top tier vinyl windows in terms of energy efficiency as proven by the air infiltration rates.

Tom - Site Editor - from 2020

Kolbe or Semco

Anyone looking for wood windows should consider Kolbe and Marvin, Semco is a very basic option which you would probably end up replacing within ten years. Kolbe is a good brand and the Marvins are even better, even though a little on the expensive side.

Simon - a Window Installer, 2010

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Kolbe or Pella

Fifteen years ago I had twenty double hung windows replaced with Kolbe windows and have never looked back. The Kolbe is more expensive than Pella, but the quality and durability makes them an excellent choice.

Graham - a Homeowner, 2011

[Contractor Reply]

I have to agree with you the Kolbe windows are a better choice than Pella, even though Pella are a well-known brand. Overall Kolbe is the better choice with excellent service and great quality.

2011, Harold a Contractor

[Second Reply]

Personally I wouldn't suggest either of these to my customers. I think Pella is a very basic window and Kolbe has never really impressed me. I did use Pella on my own home and the only reason they look good is because I spent so much time on them doing repairs after they arrived. While they look great in the showroom, they do not arrive in a condition that can be placed straight onto a home.

Mike - a Contractor, 2011

Kolbe Classic or Jeld Wen Siteline EX

I need some advice for a wood clad double hung window project I am doing. We've looked at three windows, the Jeld Wen Siteline EX and the Kolbe Classic and Ultra. The Kolbe Ultra are the only ones with extruded aluminum, the others are rolled which means they can dent easily. The Ultras are also the priciest of the three but I am concerned on whether they are worth paying the extra money for.

2011, Lisa a Homeowner

[Contractor Reply]

I would suggest the Ultra, I have never been a fan of the Jeld Wen windows. I do know the Kolbe ultra are durable and are made to last. Jeld Wen started out by buying a few low quality companies and their quality has never improved, every home I have visited that have used Jeld Wen have problems. If price is an issue and you can't afford some of the more expensive options, I would suggest you keep looking for a better quality window within your budget.

Mark - a Contractor, 2011

[Second Reply]

If those are your only choice then the answer is easy. Kolbe Ultra is the winner, but either is good. Jeld Wen is not even a contender and I wouldn't even compare it to the most affordable in the Kolbe range.

Ron - a Window Installer, 2011

Kolbe Latitude or Marvin Integrity

I need some advice on the estimates I have received. I have chosen the Kolbe Latitude vinyl windows and the Marvin Integrity, the all Ultrex Fiberglass windows. The Marvins are pricier, but they both look really good. I need to know if it's worth paying more for the Marvins.

Lindsay - a Homeowner, 2011

[Contractor Reply]

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Marvins to any of my customers if price isn't an issue. The Kolbe windows are good, don't get me wrong, but they don't match up to the Marvin. The windows you are looking at are different, the Marvin is stronger made from fiberglass which is a stronger material.

Quinton - a Contractor, 2011

Kolbe Window Reviews - Frame Color

I am impressed with the Kolbe windows I have seen, the problem is the interior cream color which is rather strange. While the price may be high, they are good windows, my concern is if this cream will look strange in the room, as it's not the same as any of the other colors I have ever seen.

Randy - a Contractor, 2011

Kolbe Window Reviews

I am amazed that the Hurd window is being compared to Kolbe, Eagle and Marvin. Hurd is a low end range window, but Kolbe and the other brands offer quality materials and design and are durable to last a long time without any problems.

Bernie - a Contractor, 2012

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