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United Window Reviews

Read United window reviews from contractors and homeowners who have past experience with this window manufacturer.

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United or BF Rich

Can someone shed some light on which is the right choice for my replacement project in New Jersey? I have obtained quotes on United 700 series, BF Rich and the CertainTeed Bryn Mawrs for a double slider, two picture windows, four casements and a nine foot patio door. I have reviewed the quotes but they look very similar, they all offer similar features and warranties which has left me unsure on where to go from here.

2010 - Mandy a Homeowner from New Jersey

[Contractor Reply]

I must admit I am not very keen on the CertainTeed windows which are now made by MI. United is a middle of the range window and I don't know that much about BF Rich. What I can tell you is that a lot will depend on your contractor.

2010 - Julian a Contractor

[2nd Contractor Reply]

I have only used CertainTeed once and that was due to a customer requesting them specifically and I'll never use them again. I can recommend United, they are popular in New Jersey and are durable windows. In fact they are what I have used on my own home.

2010 - Wade a Contractor

United Windows vs. Excalibur

I am replacing the windows in my home and so far have two estimates, one is from Alside on their Excalibur and the other from United Windows. I really don't know much about windows so am struggling between the two. There isn't even much of a difference in price to help with my decision.

Aimeee - Homeowner - 2010


Personally I would not recommend either of those. United is slightly better than Excalibur, but neither are considered as quality windows. The Excalibur's have a really bad reputation, they leak and have a poor design. If you don't want to end up spending money in the near future on new windows, I would recommend you have a look at Gorell, Okna and SoftLite Imperial LS.

Matt - Installer - from 2010

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United Windows vs. Okna

I am in the process of replacing fourteen windows and have been shopping around and have a number of quotes. Basically there are three that are standing out, but I don't know which to go with. The one quote is for Eclipse, the salesman assured me they are quality windows and are considered the best choice, but when I did an online search I found a lot of complaints and overall there was a lot of negativity about these windows. What I did find is that Okna seem to be the favored choice, but I wasn't overly impressed with their sales man who wasn't very clued up when I asked him questions about these windows. The final quote is for Horizon windows and from what I have read they seem to be in the middle, with some people loving them and others hating them. The three quotes were similar in price, so I would really appreciate some advice on which one is the one I should go with.

Jason - Consumer - from 2011

[Installer Response]

I would say without a doubt, go with Okna. Horizons are manufactured by BF Rich and are considered average when it comes to replacement windows, where the Eclipse is actually manufactured by United Windows and is considered their high end range.

Matt - Installer - from 2011

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