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BF Rich Window Reviews

Check out BF Rich window reviews to learn more about their products and customer service levels from past customers and installers.

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B.F. Rich vs Vista

I way about to sign for the BF Rich R6 window and then I was told about the Vista's. The problem is I have done a lot of research, but am struggling to find any real information on the Vista windows and was hoping someone could offer some insight on whether they are a good window and whether I should stick to my original plan and go with the BF Rich.

Dan - Homeowner - 2013

[Contractor Response]

What I have found is that the Vista windows is a mid-range window. You want to look at the SoftLite Elements model, HiMark windows or even the Restorations from Sunrise before making any final decisions.

Bill - Contractor - 2013

BF Rich Windows Reviews

You will know a BF Rich window by its dark coloring and thick frame. This is great for climates where letting less of the outside elements in is better, but it's mostly unnecessary features and the windows are bulky. For those who like natural lighting in their homes, this is especially the wrong choice since you won't get much light through these windows. If there are grids added, then even less will come through. There are a lot better options out there, both for lighting and price.

Daniel - Installer - 2010

Clunky and Bothersome Frame

You see a lot of BF Rich windows in this area since they have a plant nearby. Their double hung windows are among the clunky and troublesome options out there. They have messy welds and out of date designs. Performance-wise, they don't seem to get a bad rep, but they are still unappealing to me due to appearance that they can't be recommended.

Matthew - Installer - 2010

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Satisfied Past Customer

We chose BF Rich last year to replace our old windows. They're a great choice and we even got plenty of help and support from the salesman we talked to, to get a great deal that wasn't too pricey. We used to get a lot of glare on the side the windows, but not anymore. It's really helped with cutting it down. As for the appearance, some customers seem to not like it very much but they fit well with our house, which is older. I guess your sense of style determines what you think of them.

Cynthia - Past Customer - 2009

Customer Complaint

Our experience with BF Rich windows has been horrible. They had so many issues. They made strange noises when it was barely windy outside, bugs got in despite the screen so that was pointless and the top part of the window often slid open. We might as well have had holes in the walls instead of these windows, what with how little energy efficiency there was. No matter who we called, they couldn't seem to fix it. The only way we got out of that horrible experience was by moving to another house. Not a pleasant experience.

Gary - Homeowner - 2009

Problems With Installation

Four BF Richs windows were just installed in my house with mixed results. I'm fine with two of them, but the other ones have had major issues (these are in the kitchen). They've had issues like locks not working and the windows leaking during heavy rains. The contractor said he couldn't find anything to fix, but there is obviously something wrong since everything gets wet when it rains a lot outside. I think the major issue is with the install rather than the window itself since the other two are okay, but either way I'm not happy.

Jim - Past Customer - 2009

How They Are Similar To Simontons

I worked with American Jewel some time back - back in the 1980's these windows were okay, they used a heavy frame but today they seem poorly made. BF Rich is similarly price and I'd say a much better window. My personal preference is Simonton and the main reason I only sell these windows to my customers.

Bill - Window Sales - 2008

Installer Wheaton Door & Glass Review

We were more than happy to replace the horrible thermapanes in our newly bought house with BF Rich windows. We called in Wheaton Door & Glass for the job and we're glad that we did. There were so many windows to do (20) and they still managed to get all the work done in one day. There was a bit of a mess after the installment, which probably could have been avoided and done better, even though I'm satisfied with the speed. The verdict on the windows themselves is good. Sound pollution is down with the new installment.

Alice - Past Customer - 2006

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