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American Jewel Window Reviews

Browse our American Jewel window reviews from professional installers, consumers and past clients. See our replacement window cost estimator for sample pricing information. Also see our American Jewel pricing page for past customer projects and costs.

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American Jewel vs Simonton Windows

I worked with American Jewel some time back, I am now a dealer for Simonton. Back in the 1980's these windows were okay, they used a heavy frame - today I think their design is weak, the frames are poorly made and seem to fall apart. BF Rich windows are similarly price and I'd say a much better window. My personal preference is Simonton and the main reason I only sell these windows to my customers. The 5500 - 6500 - 9800 series and the Prism Platinum are the best lines you can get. When it comes to company reliability, window quality and superior customer service, they are the better choice IMO. Being an independent dealer, I can sell any type of window and my success is determined by how happy my customers are which is why I suggest Simontons and avoid the American Jewel - just my three cents

Bill - Window Sales - 2008

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American Jewel Vinyl Windows

Being a carpenter, I have had the opportunity of installing the American Jewels in tons of homes. I have heard poor reviews from some customers, but I actually enjoy working with them. I always find it really easy to reach customer support if there is a question or problem and have never had any significant issues with the windows themselves. A month ago I experienced a problem with one of the grids and AJ sent someone to fix the problem the very same day. I always try and get my customers to choose American Jewel due to their exceptional service, even though I can get windows from any manufacturer.

Keith - Carpenter - 2010

American Jewel Double Hungs

My wife and I are looking at double hungs from American Jewel - use a krypton fill and Heat Shield. Does anyone have any opinions on these?

Barry, Past Customer, 2010


While they look really good on paper and have respectable performance numbers, the frame is so cheap it falls apart. There are so many better choices to choose from. Try Ply Gem and Soft-Lite if they are in your area.

Rick - Installer - 2010

American Jewel vs Harvey Windows

I am in the process of choosing between American Jewels and the Tribute Series from Harvey. I need windows that measure 36 x 45 inches so I can't get them in a casement, I have to go with their horizontal slider.

Lucas - Past Client - 2012

[Contractor Reply]

I can't say I am fond of either of them. Harvey windows tends to have a high air leakage and thin walls and the American Jewel is worse. Better windows can be found in a similar price bracket. Take a look atOkna 400, Polaris Ultra, Sunrise Essentials as well as the Gorell 5100.

Matt - Installer - 2012

[Second Reply]

My concern would be the quality and design of the window, AJ have a limit on their casement width. Without spending more money you can find better than American Jewel, which is a low quality window. Harvey isn't much of an improvement, but they are better than the American Jewel window for sure. By paying slightly more for your windows, you will find a selection that will be long lasting and have less problems.

Brian - Installer - 2012

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