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MI Window Reviews

Browse MI window reviews from past customers and installers who have used their windows and other products in the past. Discover sample project prices here.

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Poor Quality

I have found that the MI windows are poor quality. They have always used a tin plated spacer rather than stainless steel, which many of their competitors use. These windows are often given to homeowners who don't want to pay for windows and where price is the deciding factor. What people need to be wary of is that the Xact windows 1450 and the 1650 are also MI windows, the Xacts are builder grade windows and not something I would recommend to a homeowner.

Byron - Contractor - 2013

MI Energy Core

There aren't many good reviews when it comes to MI, but I must say I was pretty impressed with the new Energy Core window. It looks solid, but the sill does let it down a little. There are so many good windows on the market with good reputations, these other windows have excellent performance numbers and are known for their quality. I always take the performance numbers into consideration when looking at windows, you can get a lot of information from the numbers provided.

Wade - Contractor - 2013

Comfort Windows

Comfort Windows are a new window being offered by MI Industries. Apparently they are an improvement over the MI Windows we have seen in the past. I am sure you can find worse than these when looking to replace your windows, but there are so many great companies out there with good reputations that you can choose in a similar price range.

Paul - Contractor - 2011

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Contractor Review

I find in my local area builders install low quality products that are single hung windows. Of course builders want to find the cheapest possible price and Capital / MI and Patriot are the best choices in this price bracket. This doesn't benefit the homeowner in any way and they will be lucky if the window lasts five years.

A good option is to get a glazing company in to install IG's that are argon filled and low-e glass, but you need your lift rails and sashes to be in excellent condition in order to take this idea into consideration. Common spacers in our area for these types of products include an Intercept flexible spacer. These spacers are shaped like a "U". Another important consideration is the sash beads, which also need to be in good condition in order to consider the glazing option. With new sash windows being so expensive these days, glazing is a more affordable alternative if your frames are up to the job.

Dean - Contractor - 2011

Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge Plus

I am trying to find out who makes the Cutting Edge and Cutting Edge Plus windows offered by Allied Building products?

Spencer - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

MI Windows manufacture the cutting edge windows. Generally these windows are low quality windows that are used by contractors who want to win a bid by pricerather than using a quality choice. Xact is another name that cutting edge uses. If you're looking for well-priced quality windows I would recommend you try Sunrise, Okna, Gorell and even Softlite.

Jordan - Contractor - from 2011

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Metal Industries

Metal Industries purchased the window division of CertainTeed back in 2009. Since then their service has declined and the windows are of poor quality. I will not recommend CertainTeed to customers, my recommendation would be Simonton.

2009 - Jeremy a Contractor from Virginia

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